July 17

091 FIFM – Home and Community Miracles w/ Beau Miracle

Beau Miracle

Today’s episode of Freedom In Five Minutes is going to be literally miraculous. The reason I say that is because Mr. Beau Miracle joins me on the show today from Miracle-Reality.com.

I am excited about this show because there is going to be a lot of amazing content in store for all our listeners. Beau joined the Marine Corps and had a tour in Iraq in 2003. He made his way back to Madera and took over the 41-year-old family business.

Beau also owns a CrossFit gym. And while building his business, he is also raising a son who is at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo — I absolutely love what he is doing.

I was looking at some of the interviews that Beau had done and one of the things that struck me was how he is all over the community. That is one thing that I am curious about in Beau’s story. 

Listen to this episode and find out how Beau Miracle restarted Miracle-Realty and rose up to greatness when faced with uncertainty.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Losing a Mentor and Finding Help in the Face of Confusion
  • Unexpected Things About Becoming a Business Owner
  • Revitalizing Miracle Reality
  • Letting People Discover the Greatness of Miracle Realty Themselves
  • Preserving the Miracle Work Culture
  • Making Real Estate and Fitness Work Together
  • Social Networking is the Miracle that Skyrockets Your Business
  • Looking at Business as Opportunities

Losing A Mentor and Finding Help in the Face of Confusion

Losing A Mentor and Finding Help in the Face of Confusion

Beau’s path was not an easy road. Unable to hold a job for long, he joined the Marine Corps to acquire the needed structure in his life. Having a cousin already enlisted in the Marines convinced Beau to go in as well.

“I was not trying to be GI Joe. The recruiter had motivated me so I signed the papers and went to boot camp within three months,” said Beau.

In 2003, Beau went on tour in Iraq and it was one hell of an experience. When he came back home, he started selling cars in Michigan. Although he was great at it, the market changed for the worst and Beau was in need of some change again.

So, he decided to move back to Madera, his hometown, in 2009. He decided to go back to school to get his real estate license and degree. His plan was to work for his father — the broker of Miracle-Realty in Madera at that time. Miracle-Realty was originally founded by Beau’s uncle in Clovis.

However, Beau’s father passed away just nine days after Beau started working for him. Beau was put in a position of uncertainty and confusion — losing his main mentor, and Miracle-Realty.

He went on to recall, “Losing Miracle-Realty simply did not sit well with me. It was a family legacy. I decided to just go after it. But to be honest, I did not know what I was doing. We were in the middle of a recession — the Short Sale Foreclosure boom.”

That was how it started for Beau Miracle. He was looking for a broker when he found a guy who retired to his dad. They partnered up so that Beau could earn his broker’s license two years later.

Unexpected Things About Becoming a Business Owner

Unexpected Things About Becoming a Business Owner

For two years, every day was an “Oh crap!” moment for Beau. It was crazy. Taking over or restarting a business is basically a sole proprietorship. 

Real Estate is a commission-only type of business, Beau maintains, “When I was ready to take over and reestablish it, I did not have the inventory, nor the money. So if I am not selling anything, I do not get commissions.

“That was why every day felt like I did not know what the hell I was doing. I did not know who to ask and I was a little scorned by the people I had reached out to who have been in the industry for a long time.”

During those days, it seemed like the answer to all of Beau’s questions was, “You should not be doing this” when every day was a struggle to keep the lights on and go through a long process to secure a business license.

Be it because of the family or the recession, restarting or taking over a business is hard work when plagued with drama after drama.

“A transaction will take six months to close, if not longer. That was just me and a few others. I tend to keep it really intimate and small because I really did not have confidence,” adds Beau.

At that point, Beau was starting to question what he was doing and if he should have listened to the voices in his head telling him not to go through the business. It was a struggle every day.

Revitalizing Miracle Reality

Revitalizing Miracle Reality

Beau is visible in his community. What motivated him to be that way? How did everything fall in place so his businesses were no longer in a constant state of fire?

About a year and a half after taking over Miracle-Realty Beau was sued for USD 5M.

“I got sued for a number I could not even write an IOU about. I didn’t even have twenty bucks in his back pocket yet getting sued for five million dollars” Beau recalls.

He went on to say, “I wish that it could have been different but I am grateful that I had to go through the experience. Something was about to take away everything I built. I had to rise up and face it.”

From the moment the lawsuit was filed, Beau was already scared. Nobody wants to face a lawsuit. In the face of uncertainty, Beau realized that there was so much more to be grateful for. This mindset restored his confidence.

“Going through the lawsuit, I was really humbled. And after that, I thought what’s the worst that could happen?” recounts Beau.

He went on to add what a wise man once told him, “Someone might be able to take away everything that I have, but they can never take my ability to do it all over again.”

That was when CrossFit came into play because Beau was teaching classes at the local CrossFit gym for free. It gave him the good feeling that he badly needed at that time.

Beau made a personal goal to expose himself to the community. Whatever it was he needed to do to put himself out there and help overcome adversity, he dedicated his time to it. At that point, Beau needed a brand for himself. He needed to be Miracle-Realty.

Letting People Discover the Greatness of Miracle Realty Themselves

Letting People Discover the Greatness of Miracle Realty Themselves

Every time people see Beau Miracle, there is no question that he is part of Miracle-Realty. Beau is the real estate guy in Madera and with that branding, he got some really good people who bought into his brand.

He was able to create a culture from that. Not long after, he went from two agents — an office manager and a property manager — to almost 12 real estate agents. Although not all are full-time, Beau has 12 realtors, an awesome property manager, and an office assistant.

Add to the fact that they have grown substantially, Beau also makes sure that he gives back to his community. He dedicates as much of his time as possible to being out there with the people.

In Beau’s philosophy, “You cannot keep anything unless you give it away. I mean, I don’t try to make more money anymore. Instead, I try to do more so I can give back more.”

It’s amazing how Beau formed a culture facing the dire possibility of losing everything.

“I struggled with a lot of things through my own journey too. But now, I am surrounded by such amazing people and I am not even sure why they believe in me so much,” revealed Beau.

He went on to add his point, “I am as successful as I am today only because of the people that are part of my team. I have great people. Every time someone tries to come to my office, I always tell them to go talk to other offices and then come back to me. Miracle Realty is the best company for me. I love my company but I want people to discover that for themselves.”

Preserving the Miracle Work Culture

Preserving the Miracle Work Culture

Because of what Beau and his team do at Miracle-Realty, they never aggressively recruit despite being told repeatedly that they should.

Over saturating the work culture is something that Beau tries to avoid in his businesses. He believes that getting the wrong people will mess up their vibe and endangers the family-oriented aspect of their culture that they worked hard to establish.

The fact is, we are with our people at work, more than we are with our family. In a way, they are our second families.

It is absolutely okay to agree to disagree sometimes. And just like any dysfunctional family, we all have disagreements.

Beau said, “I’m just truly blessed with the people that are in my life and not just in my businesses — people all around me who support Miracle Realty and CrossFit Madera.”

Madera is one of the few places where everybody knows your name if you really make a positive impact on the town and its people. People might say that it is just a small town and wonder what a small town can do for the business. But if you truly care about everyone in your community, the town will pay you back threefold.

Making Real Estate and Fitness Work Together

Making Real Estate and Fitness Work Together

How does a health and wellness business, CrossFit Madera, fit with real estate? For Beau Miracle, fitness was always his outlet.

Globo gym was one of the traditional gyms in Madera. This was where Beau trained and he became good friends with the owner who is a very successful entrepreneur having several gyms and would later venture into CrossFit.

Once CrossFit was established in Madera, Beau decided to get certified in CrossFit. It was right about the time when he was facing the lawsuit when he volunteered to teach classes for free. Helping people change their lives is one thing Beau is passionate about.

There is always a gratifying feeling when you give someone the keys to their home that they make memories in. When you help somebody — who is spiritually, emotionally, and physically broken — with their fitness journey… I’ve seen relationships restored, I’ve seen people’s mental strength, physical strength, and their spiritual strength, come back to light.

Two years later, Beau’s friend decided to start liquidating all five of his gyms because he was going to sell them. Beau was asked if he wanted to buy the gyms.

“I already had a business and I was already pretty busy with that. But I looked at the gym and I just did not see myself not doing it even though it was going to be hard running a business from a completely different industry,” admitted Beau.

He went on to add, “It was not making money and was a big burden at first, to be honest. Even on paper, it did not make sense. My accountant even told me, ‘Are you stupid? Why would you do this?’ But I knew it would work eventually. I made it work because I had been in this position before.”

Social Networking is the Miracle that Skyrockets Your Business

Social Networking is the Miracle that Skyrockets Your Business

Ever since Beau Miracle took over the gyms almost three and a half years ago, his entire business has grown even more because of how he made real estate, fitness, and the community work together.

Beau’s trick to staying consistent is simple. Social networking. If one’s trainer is also their real estate guy, then they are going to have automatic instilled trust in the realtor because they already know each other.

That simple social networking skyrocketed his business to even greater heights.

Beau said, “I have a lot of people who train at my gym, and at the same time I manage their property, help them sell, or buy homes. Now, I cross-reference these two industries. I make two unrelated industries work for me. I took action and brought the real estate to CrossFit.”

Looking back, the lawsuit made Beau realize that life is too short to refuse the opportunities that come by. Of course, every opportunity may not be all the things that we want to do, but in some way, it always works out if only we take action.

“If I have a good feeling about it, it will just work out,” added Beau.

Today, Beau Miracle is Miracle Realty and CrossFit Madera.

Looking at Business as Opportunities

Looking at Business as Opportunities

For so long, Beau was very reserved. When he started his business, he was more focused on catching his next big break that he felt like he was an employee of his own business rather than the owner.

Beau recalls, “A wise person once told me, you will never be rich when you own a business, but you should be able to comfortably pay your bills. However, I was not comfortable paying my bills either. I was just full of stress and dealing with problems.”

Beau felt that he needed people to buy-in on his brand in order for him to succeed. He knew that he needed more help if he wanted to stay consistent. For Beau Miracle, consistency is everything.

“No matter what, as long as you show up every day and put one foot in front of the other then you will do fine,” maintains Beau.

When Beau made the shift in his business, he was ready to grow — not to be rich. Rather, grow the number of people in his team. People who believed in the vision and the culture of Miracle Realty.

When it comes to business, anybody can go look on paper and see if the numbers make sense. But Beau looked at a business that way. For him, businesses are opportunities. 

“Although I’m one person, I can spread the word and get people to buy-in on the product or the culture. Miracle Realty has been around for 41 years but I guarantee you in the last five years, it has put itself back on the map here in Madera,” said Beau.


Beau Miracle has decided to say yes to opportunities that come his way. Opportunities that are in alignment with one’s assignment are ones that should be taken. For Beau Miracles, this means working to make the business become a positive impact on the community.

Beau concludes, “If I find balance in the opportunities that come my way so that it meets with my alignment to my assignment, then everything else will work out.”

Resources and Links

To know more about Beau Miracle, visit his websites at Miracle-Realty.com or CrossFitMadera.com.

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