January 27

109 FIFM – Trees Don’t Grow in a Day

I’ve mentioned on my previous podcast that we had planted a whole bunch of trees and I also have a ton of raised garden beds. I should have realized by then that trees don’t grow in a day. But that was not the case, so I have four garden beds in a garden enclosure now. I also got a Ruth Stout potato patch where you take a whole bunch of straws, you put it on the ground, and repeat the whole process. Once done, you put potatoes at the very bottom of it and with the help of the water from the rain, it should grow. 

This is the first time I started venturing out into building a homestead, started gardening and things like that. We have chickens but planting is different, right? Planting for me is a pain in the butt. It is extremely difficult because I’m so used to the microwave, not that we have a microwave.

My Food Forest

Right now, we have four raised garden beds. In one garden bed, we planted seeds of spinach, carrots, broccoli and a couple of other vegetables. The other garden beds don’t have anything on it yet except for organic matter because we are just waiting, which is my wife’s thing, to wait.

I also planted radishes, cantaloupe, oregano, parsley, thyme, different kinds of watermelons, beans, peas, and all other seeds. All in all, we planted over 50 different things in the last few months. I am trying to create a food Forest, so I had planted 12 to 14 trees in our area plus the rooster grind.

With all these plant-related activities that I did, my major frustration was the fact that I do not see quick progress at all. It is hard for me to wait and nothing happened. Yes, the spinach and carrots are growing. They started to sprout and they are a little bit bigger now. But the trees we got went dormant. I know they are doing what they’re supposed to do but I can’t stop thinking that they are doing nothing at all.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Trees Don’t Grow in a Day
  • Patience is a Virtue

Trees Don’t Grow in a Day

The stout potato patch shows some growth but even though this is the case, it is so hard for me to look at its small progress. But the thing is, trees don’t grow in a day. Often we want to see huge results right in the beginning when we’re trying to do something. Our culture is we want to get the right thing now or as quickly as possible.

There are times, especially if you’re in sales, the cycle is two months, three months, six months, seven months, or maybe even a year. And that is a long sales cycle. But often, we don’t do these things today. For our ProSulum clients, the ones who see massive success are the ones who take five minutes a day to create a video that their Virtual System Architect will create a standard operating procedure and grow. The ones who simply want to say go do these things and get a task will see poor results.

The Five-minute Video Rule

Those clients who command the VSAs to manage their social media accounts and give no directions, no clear process, no clear documentation don’t follow our system. The five minutes in our system is like planting a seed. Once the seed is planted, the documentation can be created and the VSA can go and do the process without ever coming back to you to ask how to do something.

Our system is set up for success and we want to see massive quadrupling revenue. The business owners can spend zero time doing any work on their business in like 30, 60, 90 days. But most of the time, the ones who want the tree, they want the fruit right away without doing anything or without planting those little seeds. They lose more often than not.

Patience is a Virtue

Are we willing to go with the system? Take for example a psychologist, they usually advise a visit once a week for the next three months. And we need to apply it because those who see success and see their marriage grow are the ones who follow the psychologist or psychiatrist’s advice. Those who fail are those who tried it for one week, get into a massive fight then later decide that it will not work for them.

A lot of us, especially in today’s age failed to see this. We fail to have the habit of seeding and waiting for the seeds to grow. To achieve something we need to do certain things like having a happy marriage. If you plant something and you dig it up because you think it isn’t working, you end up digging that seed that started to sprout because of impatience. The whole thing dies.

The Importance of a Standard Operating Procedure

I want a business that has a standard operating procedure that everyone can follow and replace anybody at any time. And my clients who want to buy my business get impressed because they want to just tell the VSA to do all these things and get it done. But, it doesn’t work that way. Trees do not grow in a day. We cannot dream of having a fit body with muscles like the Greek Gods next weekend. It’s not gonna work.

The big thing is spending those five minutes a day, planting those seeds, planting those standard operating procedures, planting those love notes to your wife every day and over time it will blossom. It can blossom into huge trees with amazing fruits that people can be envious about and be inspired.


Virtual System Architects are virtual assistants with superpowers to transform your business in 30, 60, 90 days into a fully automated system. You can sell it at the highest price if you wanted to. You can just enjoy the business that works without you and makes you a lot of money. If you want a Virtual System Architect, go check out PROSULUM.COM!

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