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118 FIFM – Just Because You Like It Doesn’t Mean They Like It

One of the biggest things in our service business is making sure that we only work with people who like to be part of our tribe or community of entrepreneurs. We at do not want to work with a ton of people for sake of having a lot of customers.

I find that, more often than not, the temptation is wanting everyone to be a customer. But the reality is we can never please everybody. The things that we like, and make sense for us, may not necessarily relate with some of our prospects or referrals.

In fact, it may even turn them off; and that’s okay! 

Overview & Episode Content

  • Even Notable Personalities Have People Who Do Not Like Them
  • When Should You Care About Using Buzzwords?
  • Buzzwords May Turn Off Prospects But Who Cares?
  • The Choices You Make are Forever Important
  • Focus on Working with Like Minded People

Even Notable Personalities Have People Who Do Not Like Them

Even Notable Personalities Have People Who Do Not Like Them

If you look at some of the greatest businesses minds, the best comedians, and the most notable people today. What do you find? 

You find that they are very polarizing. Some people do not like them and that is okay because the ones who do, really love them! Look at Steve Jobs, for example. He completely revolutionized the whole computer world. But, you either love a Mac, or you hate it. 

This is a relevant topic for today’s episode of Freedom In Five Minutes because of something interesting that happened with a prospect the other day.

Now, the prospect was a referral by one of our best customers. And we moved forward with the prospect even though he came off as semi-serious about the whole thing. It was an interesting temperament.

When Should You Care About Using Buzzwords?

When Should You Care About Using Buzzwords?

Now, we sent over a draft agreement for him to look over. And if all looked good, then we would have sent the final agreements.

We have been using a template email  for two years now that says something like, “We are so excited for you to massively grow or 10X your business and we are thrilled for you to join our tribe.”

So, my general manager sent that email out and the prospect replied – expressing how excited he was for us and how it was going to be great. He wanted to stay in close contact so we could share ideas. It was a positive response, he really seemed to want everyone to succeed.

However, this guy then proceeds to go behind our backs and talk to one of our best clients right now who referred him. 

And he said something like, “These guys are pretty aggressive, they kind of sound scammy with the ‘10x-ing your business and massively growing your business’ and they’re still trying to sell me after the fact…”

Now, our client sent an email to us, basically saying, “Hey guys, I’m getting feedback that you’re coming off a little bit aggressive and scammy. This could potentially be harming our reputation. Can you take a look at your emails? The fact that you use 10X and all these buzzwords. That’s probably not necessary.”

Okay, I really take these things seriously so I made time to look at the matter and called them to try and figure out what was wrong and what the issue really was.

But one of the reasons I even have these words in my email template – and it is in there for about two years now – is because it is true!

Buzzwords May Turn Off Prospects but Who Cares?

Buzzwords May Turn Off Prospects but Who Cares?

We have seen, multiple times, where our customers have 10Xed their business. I have one customer who went from barely squeaking a profit that ended up with almost 20X return in profits by using our VSAs. 

This was because he was able to let go of a lot of dead weight – people who were not doing what they were supposed to. He has two VSAs and just crushes with them. We have a proven track record with people who are extremely successful by following what we do.

I totally get it. Some people are going to get turned off. It is one thing to use buzzwords for the sake of it. But if the buzzwords that you use are true for your business, who cares? Honestly, if your prospect is going to be picky about what words you use to express the truth, who cares?

The Choices You Make Now are Forever Important

The Choices You Make Now are Forever Important

With the way things are going, I am guessing he will no longer be moving forward which is a good thing. At this point, even if he wanted to move forward, it would no longer be a great fit.

It is not fun to work with someone who goes behind your back instead of approaching you directly and saying what their issues are. 

I ask myself, “Do I really want that type of person to be a customer anyway?” 

The answer is, “No.” 

I want to work with good customers who are ready to be a part of our tribe. Everyone who is a part of our tribe utilizes certain things that we do. And they know that there are certain things that we do not do.

For example, we do not do training with our Virtual Systems Architects. Training is a very bad word. We do process documentation videos.

The choice to work with a customer is always yours and the choices you make now are always important. These choices will impact your business positively or otherwise in the long run.

Focus on Working with Like Minded People

Focus on Working with Like Minded People

So, the whole idea of pleasing people who aren’t even customers yet – just so that they would become one – is completely foreign to our way of thinking. 

Keeping that in mind, I told the client, who referred the prospect to me, that we will change and split test a different email template just to his referral partners. 

If it does better, great! We will use that new email template.

Now if it doesn’t, then we will use the same old one. But it is the first time that this has ever come up in the two years that we have been using our email templates. And the whole idea behind this, at the end of the day is that, who cares?


Of course, if you just started your business and you are already getting complaints like that, then yeah, you probably want to change some stuff. 

The idea is that you want to work with people that make you happy. Work with people where you can make them happy, and do not get stuck in a business relationship where already right off the bat, there is some kind of animosity or something that is not a good fit. 

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Thank you for taking time to listen to today’s Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode. 

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I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode.

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