June 28

151 FIFM – You Have More Resources for Your Business Now Than Ever Before

I do a lot of consulting with business owners. The one thing that I notice is how most entrepreneurs do not realize the wealth of resources and tools that are readily available today and these things do not even cost so much!

Alas, I am not exempt from this. I too have failed to realize or notice an important resource that was right in front of me for three years.

If you want to know what that valuable resource is that made all the difference in making my dreams and plans come to reality, then listen to this episode of the Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Identifying the Needed Resources to Fulfill a Plan
  • Discovering Valuable Resources Hidden in Plain Sight!
  • You Have Access to the Same Tools that Huge Companies Use
  • Affordable Resources Change the Way Entrepreneurs Do Business

Identifying the Needed Resources to Fulfill a Plan

Identifying the Needed Resources to Fulfill a Plan

We moved to Central California in 2017, and the house that we moved into is up on the hills. It sits right in the middle of our twenty-acre property. It is such a great place to live with the whole family.

But one of the things that we realized, later on, is that twenty acres are a lot of acreage. I am not saying this to brag; I am saying that we did not realize how overwhelming it is.

We live up in the hills so the terrain is not flat as one might want for their residence. That being said, in order to utilize a lot of our land, we would have to bring in heavy equipment to build roads just to get to different spots on our acreage.

The point from where our house is down to the very bottom of our land is probably a three hundred-foot drop. It is a long drop to the bottom of our land. So, for the last two and a half years, I have been looking at the bigger part of our land and wondered how to build things.

Even if I wanted to build something on the flat areas of our acreage, how do I even get there?

I would have to bring in bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Now, in the United States, that is very expensive! It would end up being costly over time.

I wondered if the things I wanted to build would ever truly happen. There are a lot of resources that I would need to gather in order to make my plans and dreams for our acreage come true.

Discovering Valuable Resources Hidden in Plain Sight!

Discovering Valuable Resources Hidden in Plain Sight!

We have been living here since 2017 but it was not until a few weeks ago that I noticed a fire road next to the house that we never really use.

It was a fenced road and if you follow it, you would come across fallen trees that will block your path.

I started looking at this particular area and followed it for as long as it would go. Indeed, it stopped where a whole bunch of oak trees was. I looked at the oak trees and examined why they were there.

Before, I thought the road just completely stopped. But upon taking a closer look, a lot of the oak trees were just bush. It was more of the branches of these oak trees that were blocking the path. There weren’t any trunks.

So, I went on and found out that the road goes right through the bushy area that I thought was just blocked by oak trees.

That was when I discovered that I can unblock it with a chainsaw. And then, I would have a road where a large truck or other heavy equipment can drive through.

This same road connects to several other roads that I never noticed were already on our land. Obviously, it was a fire road for a reason and it was made to have access to other areas.

With the old fire road unblocked, I can bring in huge trucks. Now that I have inspected the whole area, I discovered a whole road system that goes all the way down to the very bottom of our acreage!

You Have Access to the Same Tools that Huge Companies Use

You Have Access to the Same Tools that Huge Companies Use

I made a very cool discovery on our acreage! Now that we know where the road system is, and that there actually is one that exists, I do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to build one. All I would have to do soon would be to have asphalt on it so we can have an asphalt road.

Now, we have a road system that can get us to workshops or conference buildings if I wanted to build them here.

This is something that I did not notice for three years! Think about this, we have been living here for three years, and only recently did I discover this fire road connected to a whole road system that was purposely built by previous residents.

Had I known this at first, my plans probably would have started happening last year.

So, why is this important? It is important because a lot of the time, you do not realize that the resources you have are already there!

I deal with a lot of people during consulting where they do not realize the many tools we use in business today used to cost tens of thousands of dollars in the past per month.

Tools and resources that only huge companies used to have access to like marketing automation are at your disposal now! You can have artificial intelligence answering and triggering things in your business or tagging and gathering different types of data for your marketing and email automation.

Affordable Resources Change the Way Entrepreneurs Do Business

Affordable Resources Changes the Way Entrepreneurs Do Business

There is such a wealth of options and opportunities that entrepreneurs across the globe have access to right now!

I work with people as a consultant, and one thing I notice is how much they do not realize the vast resources that are readily available to them — until I point them out.

They end up being surprised at the things they could do for small amounts of money! For instance, like building systems around your business through our very own Virtual Systems Architects at FreedomInFiveMinutes.com or ProSulum.com.

It transforms the way entrepreneurs do business. People have so many opportunities and resources now where ten years ago, these same resources would not be available — unless you paid so much money for it.

In fact, one of the things I am testing out right now is artificial intelligence for email and phone calls and it is becoming more and more affordable and only a few people realize that.

We have access to so many tools right now for such small prices. Now is the time to open up your eyes, to take a look around you, do a little research, and discover great resources that are “hidden” in plain sight.


What are you doing right now that is such a burden to your personal goals or business? What are you wishing right now that you could do?

I challenge you to do your research. Go on Google and search for whatever you need and look at the ads that pop up. You will find that usually, there is already a solution that allows you to utilize an automated way of doing that thing for very cheap compared to what it would have cost in the past.

There are a lot of resources and opportunities right now. You simply have to look around.

Resources and Links

This is Dean Soto, your host of The Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast. Go check out FreedomInFiveMinutes.com and look for The Business Process Scorecard there and see how much time you are wasting — potentially. And how much time you could save on processes that you are doing.

We also have a masterclass. Go check out ProSulum.com. We have a four-video series there. We have had a lot of new customers at Pro Sulum. I am so excited to build a huge community of people who are literally getting back their freedom in five minutes a day.

Check out this episode!


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