December 13

205 – FIFM Revolutionizing E-Commerce: Building an Automated Business with TrackMage



In this episode of the “Freedom In Five Minutes” podcast, hosted by Dean Soto, founder of, we dive into the world of e-commerce automation. The special guest is Irina Poddubnaia from, who shares invaluable insights on streamlining e-commerce operations.

Key Points Summary

  • Dean Soto’s E-Commerce Background: Dean reveals his experience in building a seven-figure dropshipping e-commerce business. He emphasizes the challenges faced without the right tools and how they can transform a dream business into a nightmare.
  • Introduction of Irina Poddubnaia and TrackMage: Irina, representing TrackMage, discusses the pivotal role of their software in simplifying e-commerce logistics, a tool Dean wishes he had during his dropshipping days.
  • E-Commerce Realities: Both Dean and Irina talk about the often overlooked aspects of e-commerce, such as fulfillment, shipping, and customer support. These elements are critical yet frequently neglected in favor of marketing and branding.

In-Depth Analysis

  1. The TrackMage Solution: Irina explains how TrackMage addresses two core areas: customer communication and operational efficiency. The platform ensures customers are updated about their orders, reducing support requests and enhancing customer experience.
  2. Supplier Collaboration: TrackMage facilitates direct collaboration with suppliers, offering a shared workspace for tracking shipments and streamlining operations.
  3. Email Validation and Customer Experience: The tool’s email validation feature prevents common issues like undelivered notifications, improving customer satisfaction.
  4. Importance of Reviews: TrackMage’s automated review request system increases social proof, driving conversions and providing critical feedback for businesses.


The conversation with Irina Poddubnaia sheds light on the less-discussed, yet crucial, facets of e-commerce. TrackMage emerges as a game-changer, offering solutions for efficient operations, enhanced customer communication, and supplier collaboration. For anyone venturing into e-commerce, especially in dropshipping, TrackMage is a tool worth exploring.

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