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Standard Operating Procedures for Small Business Owners How To

The above video is a great introduction to Standard Operating Procedures for Small Business Owners.  Having great SOPs is the #1 way to grow wealth and freedom for your business.

Hey this is Dean Soto with and I'm going to share with you in this video the number one way to grow your wealth to have more freedom and literally is the only way to create and build a sellable business

and that is through standard operating procedures

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Alright, so first things first,

here's the problem. You have a business do you have a business? Are you constantly doing the day to day your business? Are you getting sucked in to the daily operations?

If you were to leave right now, if you were to be forced to go on a vacation for two months, will your business sub side or thrive?

For most


It is the former the business will start to decline, it will start to subside. And why is that? Is that because they don't have a valuable service? Is that because they don't have a valuable product? Nope. It is because more often than not

everything is dependent on the owner dependent on you.

People are dependent on you. Your employees are dependent on you. If

an employee leaves,

who do they go to? They go to you, right?

Oh my gosh, we just lost so and so now what do we do?

Well, why is that? It's because there

are no standard operating procedures. There's nothing documented.

You have three or four employees now having to do that one employees job, right? And what investor is going to want to buy a business where they know as soon as they buy it, they have to be in the business every freaking day.

No investor wants that. Right.

So the problem is not having documented processes. The problem is not thinking and feeling and knowing that you have a business that has processes often the business owner will look at their business in think that they are the only ones who can do it. Or they're going to look at their staff and say, Wow, it's so great that I have a staff that knows everything

that is going on in this business. The

problem is that the staff has it in their heads

and as soon as one of them leaves, you're screwed. That department is screwed, your accounts payable is screwed. Your accounts receivable is screwed.

So the problem is documentation documentation

is it's so boring right so unsexy, and it sucks who like who I get, I get it, I get it, who likes creating documents about processes, it'd be nice to write a book a fiction or something like that something that is at least fun. But who wants to write a document that just explains what they do, nobody does, unless you are a masochist. Nobody likes doing

that documentation. So

that is another problem. There are so many problems associated with this. But guess what

this is where

even though it's unsexy, even though it

sucks to have to create these things. And we're going to go into the examples of this. And I'm going to give you very easy ways to start creating your own documentation. Your own standard operating procedures your own SAP

by doing this by hunkering down by creating

this step by step documentation.

With every document that is created with every process that is written down, that becomes an asset that becomes something that is making you money

that becomes

something that is literally

keeping your business alive and allowing it to thrive.

Think about the process for accounts receivable, how to invoice a client, how to send an invoice to a client, or to a new customer.

If you have an employee leave from the sales team, and nobody else knows how to invoice a customer, you're screwed, right? So you just close the sale, one of your staff just closes a sale, but they don't know how to send the actual invoice now, the clock's ticking the hot customer who wanted to have your service

is now starting to get cold. But I'm imagine what it would be like if you had a document that said, step one log into Infusionsoft. com or log into Active Campaign or log into Salesforce step to go to the person's contact record by going up to the search bar and typing in their last name.

Step three, go to

the Ascend invoice button,

go to the order button, whatever it might be step for Step five, Step six step 32.

And knowing that every single time

those invoices are going out,

and money is coming in. Imagine if you're away and a new customer comes in

wanting to buy your product.

Your sales staff knows how to sell them. They close them, they send the invoice they have the processes once they've sold and paid the invoice now they have processes that fulfill the actual service.

new templates are going out in new funnels are being built for customers. Or say if you're in a property management field, the different agreements are going out to customers,

all of these things are happening

because of these step by step documents. You can be away you can be doing more strategic, innovative stuff.

But that's only if you have

this step by step documentation. And we're going to go into that in just a little bit. I'm going to show you an example

from my end on something even as complex as creating an advertising campaign, a paid paid advertising campaign that my stuff is able to do because it's step by step.

So how

do you create standard operating procedures?

Well, first of all, a video is not a standard operating procedure.

You do not see the largest aerospace companies in the world.

You do not see McDonald's. You do not see Wendy's. You do not see these large

restaurant chains,

creating videos for their staff on the line on the floor. When they are creating their burgers. Could you imagine what it would be like, just imagine

trying to train a staff

how to cook a burger and they have a screen in front of them. And they have to rewind, they press play. And then they have to rewind to see how long they're supposed to cook a burger how much salt they're supposed to have.

It would take 10 times as long because that staff has to watch

this thing in order to learn how to cook a burger rather than having it right and front of the face. Step one, go to the fridge and get a patty step to bring the patty put it on the grill step. Step three, get the salt and put three salt shakes on the patty. Flip it over after 30 seconds. Step Four pepper,

three shakes of pepper at mustard. All of those different things are written down. It has to be documented. I know so many

business owners who say oh, well, we have videos, I created a video trust me it's easier to create a video it is and guess what I'm going to share with you something at the end of this video

that will allow you to create a video

and still get documented processes

still get documented process you spend five minutes somebody else documents it for you.

So number two, it has to be step

by step it has to be step by step, you have to treat it like you're treating your teaching your grandma how to do something, you have to treat it like you're teaching a five year old how to do something, it cannot be something that is vague, you have to have it step by step, step one, login to your computer step to go click on Internet Explorer. Step three, go to It has to be step by step. And lastly, it has to be systematic, it has to be a part of an overall system.

Sometimes a process that you have,

for example, accounts payable or accounts receivable. Let's just use accounts receivable has different

parts of the system

into it has different parts of the system. So for example, and might be sending an invoice it might be what to do after the invoices sent how to how to send an email letting the customer know it's been sent, how to follow up on a call,

you might

have three different processes. They're all part of the accounts receivable system, though, so they have to be systematic. So let me take you

on a quick

take on a quick

journey into one of my systems.

Yeah, this way. Okay,

so this is how to set up a Bing Bing Ads campaign. I'm going to try and zoom in here for you,

you're going to notice it is step by step instructions. Step one, here's how you can set up YouTube tracking with Google Analytics. First, go to being calm, you make it clear it is step one. And when there's actions make it clear, you might want to bold actions you might want to italicize things like that. Hey, second, click on the gear icon. And then we have an actual picture of where we want to do that

with an arrow pointing to the gear icon. Step two. Now click on accounts and billing yet again, with a picture pointing to accounts and billing.

You can use

items such as, you can use software such as Jeanne g i n g. So if you go to Google and you type in Jing

it's a free screen capture tool that you can use to capture your images to use in your documentation. That's what we use in our business. That's what our virtual assistants at personal com can do for you as well. They use Jing to create

standard operating procedures just like this from video. This entire procedure was created with a video, I believe it's 97 pages was created with a video, how would you like to document 97 pages, that is not fun. But you can see

all of these are captured by Gene and you can use the different pointers and so on, so forth. But this is what a standard operating procedure should look like, step by step,

step by step with pictures and any types of bold and notes and things like that. Typically, I bold I have my guys, both actions. And any type of important notes are going to be italicized, right. And you can use something like Jane, you can use Google Docs, this is Google Docs right here. And you just set up a folding system and you use Google docs for your actual documentation. Okay,

so it doesn't have to be complicated, but it has to have those three aspects. Okay, it has to have those three aspects.

So number one

standard operating procedure needs to be documented. Number two, it has to be step by step

has to be step by step,

because as soon as you start getting into the realm of things you're taking for granted in your head, new people are not going to understand it,

they just won't.

And you're going to get a lot of questions back and forth. The more step by step you can make it the easier it is to have someone who is brand new doing it do it successfully.

Number three, it needs to be systematic, it needs to be part of an entire system that being ads campaign, the Bing Ads campaign is part of an entire system. This is one system set up being ads, there are other systems to set up Facebook ads, there's other systems to set up

Twitter ads, Reddit ads, and so on. But this is part of the entire advertising and marketing system and needs to be systematic.

Alright, so

to finish this up, you're probably thinking how in the heck

how in the heck am I going to do a 97 page document? Well, don't worry about it. There are possibilities right there's different paths to get to where you need to go one path is the process of them calm way presumed calm way, you can have your own virtual assistant who is trained specially trained to take your videos, your step by step videos, we have everyone from restaurant franchises who take iPhone videos showing how to do different things inside the restaurant. To packing companies who take videos on screen captures of us using Jing you take video using on their screen and then give it to the virtual assistant or virtual assistant documents it and they do stuff here in the United States. And they even have their virtual assistants actually cool because they that virtual assistant works with their the other part of the company in Taiwan as well. And so

we have everybody from restaurant franchises, to packing companies to to online entrepreneurs,

we have the whole gamut. But here's the thing, you can create one video,

they document it, you spend five minutes creating that video, they document it,

then they can do it and you never have to do it again, you never have to do again. The other way is to just do it yourself. a five minute video typically takes about an hour of your time to document write an hour of your time to document

either way, you're creating an asset,

you might have to spend five hours creating one document or 20 minutes doing a video with with one of our virtual assistants,

they document it and then you have an asset and they're able to do it from then on or you're able to do it from now. nor anybody is able to do it from them.

The way that I think is the best obvious is through the through the virtual assistant. However, it's not always it's not always for you. In fact, you might still be against doing standard operating procedures. But this is the 100% only way to create a sellable business. It is it is the number one only way because nobody wants to buy a business where they know that they're going to have to do all the work day in and day out, right.

So you have two choices, you can do it yourself, you can have in fact, you can take it back you have three choices. You can have a high paid employee 15, 2025, $30

an hour do the documentation for you. Or you can have a virtual assistant a low cost virtual assistant do it for you as So if you want to get the pro slim calm way, all you have to do go to personal calm

and you can just request a consultation, you'll actually talk with me or one of my staff for 30 minutes to make sure you actually have a systems mindset that you're willing to do standard operating procedures and it's great it's free

if it works out. And this is the path that you want to take the easiest path that I know of to take you can go and do this will set you up with a virtual assistant you start creating your videos you have your staff start creating your videos and you will be off to the races. And so just some of what our customers are saying. Number one Stephen says I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that my drop shipping business this is growing beyond my expectations checked out our 30 day numbers and one is share this with you total sales up 251% profit 450% profit margin 41% ordered items up 92% Thank you so much. That's with one VA that VA is freakin amazing to all of our viewers are friggin amazing all of her as well had some amazing results and so to the end so I'm going to end this at 20 minutes. Remember standard operating procedures they need to have three things right they need to be documented they need to be step by step and they need to be systematic you can do them yourself and you'll create an asset either way is amazing either way is going to give you freedom either way is going to give you profit either way is going to start allowing your business to become

sellable. Which is

amazing because now it's an asset for you yet again

you can walk away from your business and it will still continue to grow so you can do it that way or you can get a virtual assistant as well at personal com either way is great. Obviously I recommend post calm but either way works. Alright, so I'm going to do more

videos in the future

on systems, processes, documentation, standard operating procedures, all of those things. So if you liked this video, give it a like go subscribe and I'll see you in the next video.


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