March 15

012 FIFM – There Is Never A Perfect Time

There isn’t a right time for you to take action. Whether it’s public speaking or blogging, starting a business or writing a book, doing a podcast or a YouTube channel, there is never a perfect time.

Don’t wait until everything is just right or perfect for you to feel accomplished. If it feels right, get started on it today. Once you’ve made that decision, you will get a lot more meaningful work done everyday.

Overview & Episode Content

  • If You Wait for Perfect Conditions You’ll Never Get Anything Done
  • Right Time vs. Right Now
  • Is There A Perfect Time For Everything?

If You Wait for Perfect Conditions You’ll Never Get Anything Done

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Let’s just start with the story about my YouTube channel. It was so hard in the beginning doing a podcast. Well, the cool thing is that you get better every time you do something. You don’t hear too many “ums”, however, with being in front of a camera, it’s so strange and so awkward. In my mind, thinking that I’m talking too fast, with my voice changing pitch. Well however, upon listening to myself and oh my gosh, it was so boring. The topic was about a story of how hesitant of me going into the gym. It was my heaviest weight that I ever had in my entire life but didn’t wanna do anything about it.

Later, I joined a thing called Wake Up Warrior, where it kicked my butt and realized that I actually have to do something. Well, it was interesting because yet again, it was not the perfect time. One of the reasons keeping you from the gym was the fact that you’re out of shape. And all these big muscle bound guys are there looking like beasts, and here you are with some men boobies and just trying to survive the 30 minutes to an hour that you are doing. Well that’s the way I felt at first.

Right Time vs. Right Now

Despite of being very uncomfortable in front of a camera, I still chose to go for it. Knowing deep down that it’s gonna suck. Well, there is no perfect time to get started doing something that’s meaningful to you. It’s anything where it’s going to be risky. Like after consistently in the gym, never been able to lift the amount of weight that I’m lifting now. But that started at a totally inopportune time, a time where I felt that my fattest, my most vulnerable was gonna be the laughingstock of the gym. But doing that continuously went ended up being the most amazing experience after all. It’s fantastic because now I can lift more weight than ever before.

Is There A Perfect Time For Everything?

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There is never a perfect time. Whether it’s public speaking or blogging or starting a business or doing a podcast or even doing a YouTube channel, there is never a perfect time. You just have to make the decision. Just do it and get the feedback. Move forward and try it for a little while and it’s awesome. It’s crazy, the fact that it all started when it was not the perfect time was actually the perfect time.


So, what are you procrastinating on right now? Because it’s not the perfect time? Is it because you don’t know how to set up your LLC or is it the story that you’ve been wanting to write forever? Make a decision and start seeing the feedback. If you see great results, keep going and if you don’t, now you can stop and you don’t ever have to think about it again. If you were to simply make the decision and see where that decision takes you, you would have the potential of some massive results.

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