June 30

086 FIFM – Be Comfortable with Downtime

Back from vacation and ready to make things happen.  In this episode, you’ll hear how 5-minute strategic and powerful actions can make it so you can enjoy downtime and be totally present.



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Hey, this is Dean Soto, founder of freedom in five minutes.com. And we’re here again with another freedom in five minutes podcast episode. Today’s topic, is this learning to enjoy your downtime, that and more coming up. Okay, well, it has been a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful last few days, man. Oh, okay, so I don’t know if I mentioned this in the last podcast, but I was I basically, I went on vacation, we ended up going to visit grandma and grandpa and great grandma and grandpa and spend some time as Palm Springs Whoa, pumps Rick’s California, which it was triple digits as far as heat was concerned, but had a blast while down there. So part of the whole freedom in five minutes, philosophy or methodology

is that it allows

so when you spend those five minutes every day, you know creating doing really high value creating systems for yourself creating things that allow you to scale Well, it allows you to actually enjoy your downtime. So for a long time, personally, it was really really hard for me to actually enjoy being away from work and not doing doing the things that I was used to you know, and so as far as working every day and because I enjoy I enjoy what I do so it’s really it was really really difficult so so during this during this this this vacation well if can’t tell them getting back used to being on the podcast so getting in enjoying this vacation was very very different so it started off we we ended up getting this Airbnb over in Winchester California. If you don’t know where Winchester it’s kind of like, sneer isn’t it? I think it’s in Riverside County it’s near Edwards Air Oh, is that March Air Force Base, I think March Air Force Base. But it’s a super super super small town. It’s very very very country. God this Airbnb, was it a guest house that was behind this one person’s residence. And we and we pretty much had all nine of us in that small little guest house, it was pretty cool actually. Because it It always it when we do stuff like that, and we go and are crammed in it just makes me enjoy makes me really enjoy and, and, like appreciate the fact that we have a house that’s big enough to accommodate us that because at least our normal house, because, man it you know, I’ve seen that if you go to go to different countries, you see that a lot of the times in different countries, you know, people live in flats, they live in apartments, and this pretty much impossible for them to grow family. So anyway, I don’t know why I went off on that tangent. But we’re at this Winchester house. And Holy moly, this. The two littlest ones were not having it. They say they slept so poor. And so we were it was it was really, really hard on us the first night. But the cool thing was, they got sent to grandma’s they got sent to the next day, grandma and grandpa took them. And had they had a blast, we actually for the first time in a long time got to enjoy not having a three year old and a one year old around. Not because we don’t love them, but man, it was so nice. It was so nice to be able to just enjoy the other kids give them attention, we spent most of the time in the pool over here, over at the palm Canyon result resort that we stood stayed at. It had a water slide it was really cool. It was a really really neat resort. Really cool resort and spent a lot of time there went out to eat a lot as a family and just enjoyed the time together enjoyed it with them, I spent more time in the pool and outside in that those two days, with my family that I think in the last few years. It was it was interesting. It was it was it was a cool experience, but one that could have only been that could have only happened Wow. Because of the the five minutes a day of creating high value things creating systems creating processes, creating videos that turn into processes like we do with the freedom of five minute method over at freedom in five minutes calm. And which that allowed my guys to take over while I was gone. I they handled the majority of stuff while I was gone, they didn’t even realize that I was on vacation. Most of the time everything got handled ended up making making money while I was out there swimming. And it’s it’s a all testament to spending that hot those high value five minute sessions during your day, and not making an excuse not making excuses not to do those five minute, you know, just five minute high impact stuff. So

why is this important? Right? So so actually I, before I get into that, went to Palm Springs, and then we went to the in laws right after that. And got to meet some of my clients down over there. And the whole time I was just just enjoying it was so cool, just be able to be to be present 100% present. So why is this important? Why am I sharing all of this with with you? Well, it’s important because a lot of the times we put ourselves in these self imposed prisons, we, we think that we have to be Superman, that we had that the only way things can get done is in we are the ones doing it. And we don’t want to spend that sort of short amount of time. Those very short amount of time, the short, strategic time that time to be able to turn turn your business from a job into an actual scalable business, right through strategy. Trust me, I I don’t do it either. I don’t always practice what I preach. For example, I should I haven’t done my, my, what’s called the generals tent where I was strategic and trying to be much more strategic during the week. didn’t do that this week, which that was a that doesn’t take that long to do. And it’s super, super powerful. But I know, I know, I should, I know I should do that. And it just really making that decision every day to make it happen. Right? only takes five minutes, five minutes to sit down and go Okay, well, what are the four things that I need to do to really, to really impact my business this week, rather than just putting out fires, right. So it’s important, because all of this is important because you want to you don’t want to get stuck, you don’t want to get stuck into creating your own prison, your own job, the more that you’re able to take, make your take these five minute decisions five minute, high value time, Ty high value time, and turn them into turn them into something that allows your business to scale, the more that you do that, the more you’re going to be able to spend that quality time that present time with your family or with anybody else that you’re that you that you want do and be comfortable with that downtime. Okay, so, this this week, what I want you to do is just just make it a resolution, make it a mid year resolution that you spend five minutes, five minutes, creating something of value for your business that allows you to scale so that could be a video that that could be a video that that shows somebody how to do something, it could be just making the decision to create some process documentation, creating an outline creating something that allows you to free yourself from the drudgery Okay, something that allows you to free yourself from the drudgery head alright so wow I am I have to get back into the game this I I have said more us and I was actually in basically as an AWS other stuff then I have in a long time. Wow. That’s how much I enjoyed that downtime. So anyway, alright, so Dean Soto with freedom in five minutes.com go check out freedom in five minutes calm if you want to systemized your business five minutes at a time completely systemized your business and how a virtual systems architect run your entire business for you. And go check out freedom in five minutes calm but until then, I will see you in the next freedom in five minutes episode.

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