August 21

The Fish Pond Marketing Automation Strategy with Adam King


In this episode of Freedom in Five Minutes, we interview Adam King, “The Captain” at Think Like A Fish, and creator of The Client Catching Ecosystem. Adam reveals his marketing automation strategy and how he came up with the whole fishing analogy. It has helped his business and his clients’ businesses attract more clients is ways that other gurus can’t.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Why You Need to Think Like A Fish
  • How the Client Catching Ecosystem Works
  • What an Authority Bridge is and Why You Need It
  • Adam’s 5-minute Mindset Shift Question

Why You Need to Think Like A Fish

Basically, the whole metaphor is about being a successful fisherman who’s able to catch all the fish.

Now, if you are a fisherman, you are going to want to catch all of them, right? But that’s easier said than done. You can’t just buy the latest gadget or fancy equipment. Because none of those is going to create the ability to catch all of the fish magically.

In order for you to become a successful fisherman, you need to:

  • know what type you’re going for
  • study them and know where they are
  • know when they are hungry
  • know what they want
  • use the right bait and so on

And for you to be able to know all of these things, you got to start thinking like a fish!

This concept also applies to marketing. For you to attract more clients to your business, you need to know what type of clients you’re looking for. You got to study them and learn and understand their difficulties. You got to be able to communicate that you know what their problems are and what they’re going through and what the solution is to their problems.

Similarly, you can’t just buy a product that will help you magically get all the clients you want. Remember, your clients are your fish. So start thinking like a fish!

How the Client Catching Ecosystem Works

The Client Catching Ecosystem is a system that essentially brings people into your world. It is built around trust and in a way that it catches clients systematically.

Here’s how the Client Catching Ecosystem works:

  • The way that it attracts clients is by guiding them step-by-step. And it doesn’t insult anyone that comes into it by ramming a list of services down somebody’s throat.
  • It automatically identifies if a client is going to be a good fit or not. If they are, they get invited to a call. And if they are not, they get disqualified by the system. Therefore, saving you a lot of time as you do not have to sit on an hour-long call only to find out that you aren’t right for each other.
  • Each step of the way answers questions that people have in their mind and you get to educate them about what you do, how you do it, what to expect, and what it’s going to cost. In addition, as they go through the whole process, you also get to find out more about their business.
  • It is designed to take clients to the next point while showing them that you understand their problem and that you’ve got the solution. And by the time they’ve actually gone through the entire process, they’ll be able to figure out if they want to work with you or not.
  • It makes it easier for you to take them through the solution that you offer and make it clear how it works.

What an Authority Bridge is and Why You Need It

Within the Client Catching Ecosystem, you always want to create influence. And that’s where the authority bridge comes in.

An authority bridge is basically an asset that you create, and it could be:

  • a podcast or a Youtube channel
  • an online group, LinkedIn or Facebook
  • an in-person meet-up or a mastermind, etc.

When you create an authority bridge and bring people into it, you are able to position yourself as the authority to solve a particular problem for the right type of person.

Now you must identify the types of clients that have specific problems that you can help solve, and specifically target them. And you can do that by simply reaching out to see if they’re interested in being a guest to your podcast (or whatever asset you’re creating).

In addition, doing this also means a constant stream of content for you since the majority of your content will come from your guests. And of course, the more content you put out, the more influence you’re able to create within your ecosystem.

One thing to note is that you always have to go in thinking and expecting, you’re getting nothing from that other person in return for having them on as a guest. Because it doesn’t work if you approach this with the expectation that they’ll end up doing business with you.

Just think of it as an instrument for you to open doors to potential clients and build authority and influence within your ecosystem.

Adam’s 5-minute Mindset Shift Question

For Adam, he realized that every single person within his ecosystem is a human being. And as a result, he decided that relationships are the most important thing around anything that he’s ever going to do whether it’s life, business or anything.

It became his sole aim to create a conversation with another human being that he can have a relationship with. And it doesn’t matter whether it ends up being by business or a relationship that they consume his content and get benefit from.

This way of thinking totally changed everything he does. And he no longer worries about having to sell to someone or where his next client is going to come from. For the only thing that he now concentrates on, week in and week out, day in and day out, is starting conversations with cool and interesting people that he might be able to help. And that’s why he built a system around himself to help with that.

“It’s just about starting a conversation. Because unless you can start a conversation, nobody knows you’re there.” – Adam King.

There’s no denying that it’s going to take more than just a fishing metaphor to find and capture your ideal clients. But with the right mindset and system that handles everything for you, you’ll soon find yourself attracting more clients than you’ve ever dreamed of.

If you’re interested in building your own ecosystem, check out Adam’s website by clicking on the link below.

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