December 1

104 FIFM – Automating Lead Generation Can Still Be Personal


Every customer wants to be valued and delivering a more personal connection makes a huge difference. 

In this episode, learn how to automate cold emails in mass that can build rapport, foster relationship and open up business opportunities. Thus, the more that you can give value, the more that you will win.

So, if you want your sales and lead generation to become more powerful, this podcast is for you.

Overview & Episode Content

  • What do Customers Care About the Most? – 1:35
  • Using Cold Emails in a Personal Way – 3:22
  • Personal Connection – Why is it So Important? – 6:10

What do Customers Care About the Most?

Personal Connection

What do customers care about the most when buying a service from you? They want you to know your stuff, the market, they want value, right? But what if you know your market? What if you are able to deliver value but you are a jerk? Are they going to wanna work with you? More likely they will not because they don’t like you. So buyers like working with people who they like, who they feel that care about them. And so, the more that you can give that feeling when you’re reaching out in lead generation, the more that you can convey that you truly care about the person that you’re working with, plus, you’re able to give them what they want, all the value and everything like that, the more powerful your sales and lead generation will become.

Using Cold Emails in a Personal Way

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Ever wondered that cold emails can still be personal? It doesn’t mean that you have to write a personal email, but you can develop systems where your team can reach out to people in a systematic way. Import a spreadsheet full of customized information into like Close™ CRM or Mailshake or Yesware and send out cold emails that are personal. And people will reply to those emails, to the point where they want to have a meetup. Normally, people would just shoot thousands of emails that are completely unpersonalized and be marked as spam or end up going into the junk folder. But, you can send these powerful emails and on average, we’re getting about 50% open rates on our emails which is unheard of even for warm emails.

Personal Connection – Why is it So Important?


No matter what you’re doing in any setup that you have when it has to do with business, people want to feel valued. The more that you can give value ahead of time, the more you will win. And so, just because you systemize something that works with or without you or something that works automatically does not mean you need to sacrifice that custom, that personal attention. One of my mentors, Jermaine Griggs, calls this as scaling personal attention. It does not mean that you need to sacrifice that. You can set up systems that truly meet people where they’re at and give a ton of value on a mass scale. And the more that you can do that, the more you are going to make sales.


So, what’s that one thing? How is your lead generation working right now? How are you reaching out to customers? Is it in mass or you’re just sending spammy LinkedIn messages? Or is it truly customized to people? That’s what we want to see, right? That’s what I challenge you to do this week, is to make something truly customized. Something that reaches out to people in a systematic format.

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