November 16

100 FIFM – Getting Better Results by Doing Things Differently than Everyone Else

In our family, I’ve been the driver that leads us to an entrepreneur life, into homeschooling journey, and into having many kids. But my wife has been the driver for a change in our eating habits. For a long time, I was very resistant because I love my taco bell. But I was happy we made the change because we can eat more healthy and actual foods. The same goes for business, not all the time the strategy of others applies to yours. To achieve better results, we need to do things differently than everyone else.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Why Do We Need To Do Things Differently Than Everyone Else?
  • How To Get Better Results In Business?

Why Do We Need To Do Things Differently Than Everyone Else

There was a time when my wife was supposed to take some pills for a couple of months. But, instead of making her feel good, it made her feel kind of crappy. So, we decided to use natural remedies and everything went great. She went back to the clinic and all the test results were perfect. Instead of increasing her medication, the doctor sent us a text admiring the natural remedies.

My wife got better results by doing things differently than everyone else. She decided not to just blindly take what the authority wanted her to take. And the main point is, not that we shouldn’t listen to the people in authority, or to people who know more than us but, to think first before we act. We have to use our brains.

How To Get Better Results In Business

There are circumstances wherein, even though we take natural remedies, we end up not getting healthy faster because our health system is already compromised. If we are always eating unhealthy foods, despite feeling good because of those pills that mask or alleviate the symptoms, deep inside we know that our stomach is compromised. Thus, our whole health system is compromised.

The same goes for business, if we run our business the same way other people did, our business is compromised. If we start listening to people because that is the traditional way of doing it or we just blindly follow the norm, in some circumstances, it might be great if it is successful. But most of the time, we end up sad or depressed.


In your business life right now, try to relook at everything that you do with your business. Instead of just listening, try to do some research of your own, and be innovative because that was my friend did. He is my client and now, the biggest competitor of a company that has hundreds of people. He only got his wife, a few salespeople, his VSA which he got from “Freedom in Five Minutes”, personal assistant, and a couple of drivers. His goal is to get better results thus, he did things differently than everyone else.

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