November 23

103 FIFM – How Systems Help You Empower Others and Fix Problems Faster

Systems drive you to create through a certain process. Thus, allowing for improved and consistent performance.

Let me share with you how having a system helped me paved the way through obstacles faster and empowered others for a more desirable outcome.

No matter how small or big your everyday work will be, this podcast is for you.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Doing It the Hard Way
  • Building An Asset, What A Relief!
  • How Systems Help To Efficiently Resolve Any Issues
  • Empowering Others – The Beauty of Systems

Doing It the Hard Way

Doing the Hard Way

One of the things with working on something is that you always have choices. Just like if you're doing anything on an acreage, you can either do it manually or by creating a system.

The first option that I wanna tell you about is by doing it manually. So for example, we have a chicken coop and the way to get water is to carry four or five-gallon jugs to each of the chickens. But what happens when you need to start cleaning out some of the bowls? It gets cumbersome because you have to track back up to the house to get more water and bring it down to the chicken coop back and forth.

On the flip side, one gallon is pretty heavy for little ones which means that they’re not able to help with some of the chicken chores. And that sucks because we need help sometimes. So, my wife and I constantly have to bring water since we're the only ones able to do it.

Building An Asset, What A Relief!


The second choice is to build a water system and does that take a lot of hard work? Heck yeah! I have to lay the PVC pipe with that special type of primer and cement and do all of this stuff that I wouldn’t have to do otherwise. And it sucks, because you’re doing double what seems to be double the work, right? You’re bringing the water manually, plus you’re doing this system.

But what happens is, during the process, an asset is being built.

I installed five additional water bibs, one being right next to the chicken coop, where we have a hose for the chickens. And when I turn the knob to let the water flow, it was amazing. And what was even cooler, my kids, all they have to do is turn the faucet, water comes out, and they were able to clean the chicken’s bowl and fill it up with beautiful, clean and fresh mountain water.

I love it!

How Systems Help To Efficiently Resolve Any Issues

Systems Help Fix Problems Faster

As I was testing out the water system, I noticed that there was a leak in one of the PVC underneath the ground. Even though there was a leak, I could still go and utilize the system.

When you have a system, you can see where it’s working and where it’s failing. You can see where the leak is and you can fix that leak. You’re able to quickly see what the problem is. Why is it not working? What specific section and process and that is extremely powerful.

Whereas when you have a whole bunch of people who have everything in their heads and things are messed up because of things unknown. There is no process, nothing written down or nothing operationally can be pointed to. It's just a constant mess. Whereas, when I looked at the water system, I can see the leak and I could see what and where the problem was and got it fixed.

Empowering Others – The Beauty of Systems

Systems Empower Others

Before, without the water system, my wife and I generally were the ones that did all the chicken chores. Now, I have six additional people, six additional hands, who can water the chickens and they are empowered.

And actually, my kids love it. Because they were able to do a lot of stuff that they couldn’t do before in the chicken coop because of the water supply and that water system.

Creating a system empowers not only you but also other people to improve that process. It empowers other people making it easy to optimize and make whatever that thing is better.


Right now, where in your life or your business that you’re doing something manually without a system? Are you just doing things the way you do them because that’s the way you’ve always done them? Are you the one doing them? Or you have somebody who has it just stuck in their head and who should be doing these things?

I challenge you to take a look and see why am I doing this. Create a system to empower others and see if any problems need to be fixed. Build a system around it and give that thing to somebody else in your organization. Empower them to use that system so that you can take one more thing off of your plate.

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