November 1

163 FIFM – Sometimes, You Forget Just How Hot It Can Be

Entrepreneurs tend to forget about the drought especially when things are blooming and thriving. People simply fail to remember that temperatures can spike up. So, what systems do you have in place that prepares your business for the hot and dry season?

In this episode of Freedom In Five Minutes, I encourage you to prepare for the heat that is coming. And also to take the necessary steps in building a system that enables you to cool off during the drought thus ensuring the survival of your business. That and more, coming up.

Overview & Episode Content

  • To Forget About Cooling Off During Summer Can be Fatal
  • Failing as the Leader of the Homestead
  • Never forget to Prepare Your Business Against Dry Spells

To Forget About Cooling Off During Summer Can be Fatal

To Forget About Cooling Off During Summer Can be Fatal

I have an interesting episode for you today. As of recording this episode, we have record-hot temperatures in California — where I live. 

I had no idea how hot it was going to get. It had been in the 90’s for a while. Our chickens were able to find shade, and everything was going well. And we have a lot of chickens and guineas, by the way. It made me wonder how I got all these birds.

There was nothing going on and there was nothing to be concerned about. But just the other day, I went out in the morning to give them their food, water. I made sure that they were all comfortable. These birds are allowed to free range.

However, during that day, it was about 100 and I noticed the smell of death. So, I started looking around and saw two chickens dead, one in the coop itself and the other right next to the water.

After I buried the two chickens, I headed back to the house. That was when I noticed my favorite rooster under a manzanita tree, laying in an unnatural position. When I checked him out, I discovered that it had died as well.

That sucks really bad. Three of my chickens were gone one morning. I’m thinking that I have failed as a leader of the homestead.

So, I had to bury yet another chicken — this time, a huge brahma rooster.

Failing as the Leader of the Homestead

Failing as the Leader of the Homestead

When I went inside, everyone could tell that I was sad and upset. My second oldest, who is very emotional and in-tune when it comes to the animals, started bawling when I told her that some of the animals have died. And I started bawling too.

It was just one of those days where I was at a loss as to what happened. There were weeks of just 90s back-to-back. And then all of a sudden, three chickes, dead.

It was so frustrating for me because I have these misting systems that I should have put up really quickly so that they would have been cooled off. I could have gotten the ground wet for them so they could cool off their feet. But I did not. I failed them.

They were animals but they were under my protection and care — and yet, I failed them. I did not give them what they needed so they died. It was all because I forgot how hot it gets up here during August.

Although it is not as hot as the valley and the cities, it’s dry up here and not a lot of wind blows through the hills. Because I forgot how hot it gets, I allowed these birds to die under my care.

So, I started putting up systems to soak the ground underneath the manzanita trees so the chickens can have some nice cool dirt beneath them. I put up the misting system so they are cool when they are in their chicken coop.

But overall, I could not believe that I failed three chickens.

Never Forget to Prepare Your Business Against Dry Spells

Never Forget to Prepare Your Business Against Dry Spells

Why is this important? It is important especially if you run a business. When things are going well, we tend to forget how hot it gets. People easily forget the struggle.

When we have happy clients and a booming economy, we tend to forget that things get hot eventually. At some point in time, it is going to get hot and crazy.

We, as entrepreneurs, we always tend to forget. It is during the good times that we set up systems to protect the business. So that when the heat does come, we have the mist — something that can cool us off.

Where are you at right now in the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis? Be honest with yourself. I have friends who are flying high right now and some friends who are at their lowest.

The ones who are flying high are the ones that need to be careful because like Icarus who flew too high, the wax on his wings melted and he fell to the ocean.

What are some things that you can do right now to prepare yourself for the heat that is going to come. And the heat is coming in my opinion. It will come in the next 2-3 months — things will get very hot. Of course, I hope that it will not happen but it is just a gut feeling that I have.


What are you doing right now to prepare? If you do not have systems in place, I challenge you to put those things up now. Get moving so that you can grow and bring about a change. Enable yourself to pivot and shift when the tough times come.

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