December 23

106 FIFM – Lack of Flexibility Brings a Lot of Pain Over Time

The lack of flexibility brings a lot of pain. Not just in business but even physically. I’ve experienced it first hand. Being flexible means being open to changes or ideas which is most of the time good for us.

If we are going to stay in one place, we are not going to achieve our goals or be successful in business. Just like the bamboo grass, what keeps them alive is its flexibility. It sways during storms thus it does not break easily.

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Lack of Flexibility Brings Pain

If you’ve been listening to my podcast for a while now, you know that one of the things that I’ve been practicing now is Jujitsu. I can’t get enough of it because it is such an amazing grace for me. It is a fun and amazing sport that I love. It is one of the only real things that I do for exercise. However, over the past few weeks, I have not been able to do it and it is tough for me.

In the last five or six years, I would get these bad lower back pains. So, I was doing around 220 pounds squats. I was working out at Anytime Fitness in Southern California. During that time, I felt great and so I wanted to max out. I started adding weight and I got up to like 260 or 280. I’ve never been super great at weightlifting and it was pretty damn good. So, I did like two to three squats and at the very last one, I tried to get up to my max and I felt a pop in my back. 

The next day, I felt like I was going to pass out. Every time I stood up, I felt like my back was just being crushed. Even if I lay flat on my back or just sitting up, it still hurt. I went to the chiropractor and he told me that I am the most inflexible guy that he ever meets. I was doing some exercises and hamstring stretches and it was working. I didn’t feel the pain anymore.

I was healed…

I started running afterward and it was my primary source of exercise so I could move my hips a little bit more. I was running long distances and doing stretches and things were doing great until a few years later, my back started to hurt again. Earlier this year, I went to a massage therapist which is also a kinesiologist. She said the same thing that I had no flexibility at all. Which is somehow true because I stopped doing my stretches beforehand.

My therapist told me that my hips were getting out of place because of my inflexibility. So, she started helping me and doing mini stretches. From feeling like I was gonna pass out, I felt normal again. I also started doing Jujitsu which made me flexible. But after a few months, I stopped doing my stretches, I stopped being flexible, and my body was rigid.

My body pain came back…

Two weeks ago, I was down on my floor, not able to move anytime I got up. I felt like my back was being crushed, I missed on a whole bunch of stuff. It was horrendous again, so I went back to my massage therapist and she helped do the stretches again. I used an app called Range of Motion Workout of the Day and I love it. It costs me $14 a month and I love it because it’s just daily routines for getting more flexible.

So, what’s causing all this pain? Was it some major catastrophe where I broke my spinal column? Because I have a slipped disc? Because I have some kind of rare disease? No, it was because I was inflexible. My hamstrings are tighter than a tightrope. It behooves me to be as flexible as possible because my body is telling me “Hey! If you do not treat me well. If you do not bend me around and make sure that I am a little bit more limber, I will make you aware of how wrong things are in your body to the point where I will make you lay down on the ground for a day or two and be in a tremendous amount of pain.

All of my pain and suffering came from the simple fact that I did not spend time becoming more flexible.

Business Needs Flexibility

Very often, we in business, in life, with your family, with your spirituality, with everything, we become so inflexible. And this causes a lot of unnecessary pain. There are things that we have to hold fast to. For example, as a Christian, you need to hold fast to certain beliefs. If you have a family, you need to hold fast to certain things like treating your family well. Those are hard fast rules.

However, we often do not listen to our kids, our wife, our husband, our spiritual director, business partners or customers. We are very inflexible. In fact, in my business with virtual systems architects, I get to deal with a lot of industries that are very inflexible because that’s the way it’s always been done in our industry. But Matt from Camrock is different. He’s so flexible and not so rigid. He does not stay with the way of the industry. He’s been able to thrive in his business.

This is where even with your body and with your health, your flexibility matters. You must be flexible in what you do. Being flexible does not mean that you need to do all the ideas that come into your mind, it means that you can take it into account, think about it and then implement it. The more flexible you are the more success you are going to see. The more success you’re going to see, the more happiness you are going to have. The more happiness you are going to have, the healthier you can become.


If your body is limber, you can hold your grandkids, you can sit with them, stand with them and do all these different things. Or you can choose to be inflexible and sit in a wheelchair or not be able to bend over. Those are the realities with your body, with your spirituality, your family and your business. 

So what's one thing this week that you can do to be more flexible? One thing that you can do to get out of the rigidness, or the coldness that comes with being inflexible? Lack of flexibility brings a lot of pain over time.

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