January 21

199 FIFM It’s The Little Things That Make A Big Difference In Your Business Success

This is Dean Soto, founder of FreedomInFiveMinutes.com and ProSulum.com. You are here again with another Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast Episode! Today, I will be talking about how the little things in life can make a massive impact on your business success. Listen to the entire episode and you just might be inspired to take action that could lead you to your next business breakthrough!

Overview & Episode Content

  • Restarting Jiu-Jitsu
  • Positioning Yourself at a Higher Advantage
  • The Smallest Thing Can Lead to Your Success in Business
  • Exploring Opportunities and Paths to Business Success
  • Business Success and Goals

Restarting Jiu-Jitsu

Restarting Jiu-Jitsu

Two weeks ago, I restarted something I have not done in quite a while. I got back to Jiu-Jitsu. This martial art was something I used to keep myself in shape. I held a white belt for a long time and I just love Jiu-Jitsu. If you ever get a chance to practice Jiu-Jitsu, it is one of the best workouts / martial arts to learn. 

I practiced Jiu-Jitsu for about a year-and-a-half and have done the Grappling X Competition — a well-known Jiu-Jitsu competition throughout the world.

I was on my way to get the blue belt and spent a lot of time watching videos and learning different techniques. And then, the big event in 2020 happened. I took about a year off because it started getting wacky. Things changed!

What I did not realize right away was that there was a gym nearby that did not close. Not did they do anything differently. Except board up all of the windows around their gym. They simply did not let anybody in, other than gym members.

I ended up joining this gym two weeks ago and I have been going just about every day other than Sundays when they are closed.

And oh my gosh, my body hurts! It sucks! I remember when I took off my shirt and saw bruises all over my arms and chest. It is a contact sport and people’s knees, elbows, and hands are on you. But despite all the bruises, I realized one important thing in regard to business success because of Jiu-Jitsu.

Positioning Yourself at a Higher Advantage

Positioning Yourself at a Higher Advantage

I realized something important after a year and a half without Jiu-Jitsu.

My body can be very powerful! I noticed that I can take more pain and I can be more flexible. And I also started noticing what I need improvement, like my core.

Already in the last two weeks, I have seen improvements on my mobility—in everything I am currently able to do and those I could not do before. It is very fascinating to remember how I used to move in my youth.

I am 41 years old, as of this recording, and I am still able to do most of these movements when most people my age no longer can. The very fact I am doing so much more than the average person is unbelievable.

But it is not just about bending, twisting your core, getting hit by elbows or knees at different points on your body, and getting tackled by a 200-lb person. You strategize.

How are you going to get this person off? What moves are best so you can push your opponent away? How can you position yourself at a higher advantage? You have to think about everything you need.

After going through all of this, I realize just how amazing our learning skills are. But what I really love about Jiu-Jitsu is because of the little things that matter.

I was rolling with my instructor today and he got me in a position called a “triangle”. It is basically a type of choke where the attacker’s legs are over the opponent’s shoulders, creating a “leg wrap”. Commonly, one of the opponent’s arms are left inside the “leg wrap” and the other arm outside.

The Smallest Things Can Lead to Your Success in Business

The Smallest Things Can Lead to Your Success in Business

I was pinned in a position called a triangle by my instructor at the gym but it was funny because he did not actually choke me out.

So I told him, “Ah, you are going to make me submit anyway.”

But he explained to me, “Oh, I do not have a triangle in place yet. If I want to have a triangle on you, then I would need to cut the angle.”

Cutting the angle meant twisting his body to the side a little bit, about 45º. And that is not a lot of movement. But when he did that, I immediately started seeing stars. Cutting the angle meant that it cut off every ounce of circulation to my neck as soon as he made that slight movement. I found it hard to breathe and I felt the blood stop in my brain.

That small movement made all the difference between a guard and a submission. A guard is a move that is meant to just hold someone while a submission is a move that is meant to force an opponent to surrender, like an actual choke. And with a choke, there’s really nothing much one can do about it. The person will pass out at some point. And the differences between these two things are just very small amounts of movement.

The difference between life and death are usually in the smallest of things and that’s exactly the same way with business.

Exploring Opportunities and Paths to Business Success

Exploring Opportunities and Paths to Business Success

When you start out your business, you try out different things to explore opportunities like networking events and the latest marketing techniques. You try to find out what works and what does not.

Once you find out what actually works, then you figure out what types of improvements you can make on what is currently working. What’s the difference between just one customer coming through the door and five customers coming through the door?

For us at Pro Sulum, one of the changes that we made was trying some advertising strategies using Microsoft Ads. And I know that this is something only a few people use. But I love utilizing things used by only a few people. We used to get just one discovery call a week but after setting up our Microsoft Ads, we started getting two discovery calls a week.

You might be expecting a little bit more than just two discovery calls a week but it used to cost about USD 100.00 to get one new lead and get them on a discovery call. So, now, we spend about USD 800.00 per month to bring in customers. You might say that two leads a week might not be a big deal but for USD 400.00 a month, we were able to double the amount of leads we bring in.

By doubling the amount of leads, we increased our lead flow by 100%. What did that do for our business? Essentially, it doubled our revenue.

Business Success and Goals

Business Success and Goals

So what if your business generates USD 100,00.00 in monthly revenue—and I told you that I can double that for just USD 5,000.00 a month? It doesn’t matter what I do as long as I can double your annual revenue. What would you say to that?

You said, “Yes.” and I went ahead and set up0 Microsoft Ads but you didn’t realize I was only paying about USD 800.00 per month. For me, I’m netting about USD 4,200.00 a month! But I’ve turned your USD 1.4M in revenue to USD 2.4M. Would you be happy and excited?

Absolutely, right?

And it was just one small thing. I would have simplys turned on just one faucet to see what happens. Oftentimes, the things we do in our business that turn into success literally is just as simple as trying out new ad campaigns. For us, this method doubled our lead flow essentially doubling our revenue.

Why am I saying this? I’m saying this because you don’t need to have such huge goals. You don’t need to make thousands more than what you are currently making now and actively refusing to do something you think isn’t worth doing.

It’s worth doing anything even if you make just 10% more. This is where compounding comes in. Imagine if you did one little thing every month that brought in an extra 10% more revenue every month. That gets compounded over time—if you do that for 12 months. You would be crushing it at the end of the year and that is huge! That could mean the difference between a legacy of wealth and nothing.

If you are trying to aim for these huge wins, most of the time they fail. Sometimes you get lucky, I’m not going to lie but the small things are what matter most.


That being said, what is something you can try out this week? Maybe it’s a new campaign you can try with Microsoft Ads, Taboola, or getting sponsorships. What are you doing this week that could get you results? And by results I mean increase in revenue.

What some people don’t realize is that when something does not work, it is a result as well. At least a door has closed and eliminating that path is a possibility for you.

Resources and Links

What is something you can do this week that will bring about a result that will help your business grow? I challenge you this week to do just that.

This has been Dean Soto. Go check out FreedomInFiveMinutes.com and sign up for our master class.
You can also check us out at ProSulum.com if you want to get your very own Virtual Systems Architect — virtual assistants who can document everything that you are doing right now and do those tasks for you. You never have to do those tasks again and you have standard operating procedures that you can use over and over again that anybody in your company can use, allowing your business to scale in ways that you never thought possible.


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