September 24

192 FIFM Why Mindset for Success is Your Greatest Asset with Jarrod Haning

Today on the Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast, Jarrod Haning joins me to talk about the right mindset for success and how to make that shift in your thinking.

Jarrod is the Master Coach and founder of Together, we take a peek at how Jarrod helps his clients achieve success. Learn all about Mindscans, Mindset Pushups, Mindset Gyms, and other programs that Jarrod utilizes that will completely revolutionize what you are doing in your business and personal life.

All that and more on the Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast!

Overview & Episode Content

  • Jarrod Haning’s Journey from Classical Musician to Mindset Master Coach
  • How to Deal with Shadows that Hold You Back form Success
  • The Mindscan to Your Success, Explained
  • Your Next Success and Breakthrough is Just One Thought Away
  • Five NO’s that Lead to Your Success

Jarrod Haning’s Journey from Classical Musician to Mindset Master Coach

Jarrod Haning’s Journey from Classical Musician to Mindset Master Coach

We open the interview with a short history of Jarrod’s journey from classical musician to Master Coach.

Jarrod Haning is the Master Coach at—a company he founded to help people think at a higher level about business success. A teacher at heart, Jarrod is very passionate about inspiring self-expression within the people he works with.

“I’ve been doing this for the past 10 years,” recalled Jarrod. “But as a background before that, I spent 20 years as a full-time classical musician.”

He was principal viola with the South Carolina Philharmonic—having both college degrees in music performance. Jarrod played music for more than 20 years of his life!

Jarrod continued, “Music is like a mental illness. It’s something you can’t stop doing. You can’t simply walk away from it and you can’t put it down. That’s where I was; I couldn’t let go because I love it so much.”

But life happens and things change.

“I have always felt at home speaking my voice; I’ve always felt at home teaching. And I just feel alive!” recounts Jarrod—knowing he is doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing. Teaching. Playing music.

When Jarrod had kids, he wondered if he should be spending his time doing other things. He started to question his path. So, he decided to move to a new direction but the teaching and speaking remained the same. The microphone and the stage still felt like a very comfortable place to be.

Today, he continues to inspire people to think at higher levels—to cause things to happen for them instead of doing everything themselves.

When he is not busy working with his clients, Jarrod speaks on stages all over the USA. He talks about mindset growth—inspiring even more people to achieve breakthroughs in both business and thinking.

How to Deal with Shadows that Hold You Back from Success

How to Deal with Shadows that Hold You Back from Success

Many people struggle with stage fright and performance anxiety. If you are one of those people, then this conversation with Jarrod just might help you. He admitted that he had tremendous stage fright as a musician.

Jarrod described the experience, “My mind would go blank, my eyes would go blind, my hands would shake, and it was such a miserable experience on stage. I even thought about selling my instrument and abandoning the field.”

That changed when Jarrod discovered what works.

“The anxiety is not about fear of failure but fear of success. Your ego takes a little while before it can recognize that it is not a shadow on the wall. But when that happens, we can have a real conversation.” explained Jarrod.

How do we shake off that fear? Jarrod said that the way is not by thinking about it nor by talking about it.

“You cannot talk somebody into thinking or feeling a different way. So, whatever that thing is that’s holding you back, you’re not going to get there by thinking about it or you would have by now.”

Jarrod solves those types of problems by giving the body the experiences needed.

“We give those experiences through our Mindset Gym through a series of exercises we call Mindset Push-ups.” explained Jarrod.

That experience gives your body the sensation that causes the mind to rewire itself on demand! And that is how you begin to think differently.

The Mindscan to Your Success, Explained 

The Mindscan to Your Success, Explained 

So, what is Jarrod’s Mindscan? What is there to expect both within the process itself and the results at the end?

Essentially, the Mindscan is a Nobel-nominated process for mapping out your thinking patterns. It is unique in that it is not a personality profile nor a population comparison. It is a scientific measurement of your unique thinking patterns.

Jarrod added, “It becomes both the antidote and the cure because of the way it creates a map, showing you the fastest way out of the weeds and onto success.”

There is a fundamental, albeit regrettable, way of thinking in most people. “Action gets results.”

Now, unfortunately, this way of thinking makes sense.So how are we supposed to argue with that?

When you’re working harder and faster and you’re caught in a cycle. You get to the end of the year and say, “I will try harder next year.”

Then, next year rolls out and you come up with more excuses and promise to really apply yourself. At some point you realize that maybe trying harder is not what you need.

So when you’re in the corn maze and you’re not sure if you should go left or right, running faster doesn’t fix being on the wrong road. However, if you stand on the ladder, you can instantly see the whole corn maze. There’s no mystery to it.

The difference between, “I’m not sure what to do; I’m tired of feeling stuck in the maze; I don’t have clarity.” and seeing the whole picture with total clarity is about 2 feet.

That’s what happens when we get the way your brain solves problems—out of your head and onto paper because you can’t read the label from the inside of the bottle.

Your Next Success and Breakthrough is Just One Thought Away

Your Next Success and Breakthrough is Just One Thought Away

I already went through the Mindscan with Jarrod Haning and it solidified the decision I made recently about bringing in certain people to the business. Everyone enjoyed massive progress and success by bringing on another person who filled in one of the gaps that my other guy could not fill in.

Consequently, I did not have to worry so much about the mundane things anymore and I was able to focus on the things that I love right now. And I got stuff done way better than I could before.

Jarrod observed, “That 10x is an indicator of a positive shift in thinking. One of the exercises that we take people through is to put together an action plan to actually 10x their business.”

He continued, “People come up with their initial plans. But whatever the strategy is, their initial plans won’t work. So, we keep chipping away at their initial plan until we arrive at an idea that will work and that they could do in 30 days. With that, they can slowly grow and scale their business over the next year.”

Because people can rewire their brain to solve different problems, you are—in fact— only one thought away from your next breakthrough.

Five NO’s that Lead to Your Success

Five NO’s that Lead to Your Success

Entrepreneurs, including myself at one point, tend to value the “doing”. When people value the “doing”, they develop the dopamine for it.

Jarrod answered, “Because it’s a way of thinking, recognizing a different way of thinking is impossible. It’s just the water you swim in that makes total sense—that action gets results. There is no way I can talk anyone out of it. So, I will not try.

“But if it’s not working for you. If you are both bright and working hard but your business is still stuck at the same level day after day after day. Maybe you keep finding yourself in front of the same obstacles. IIf it’s not working for you, I can give you the experience that will cause your brain to rewire itself and see what it has been missing. All we have to do is map out your thinking patterns and you’ll see for yourself.”

So, all that being said, Jarrod shares his 5-Minute Recommendation. One thing that can be done in 5 minutes that can be life-changing!

“Get five people to say NO to you in 5 minutes,” shared Jarrod. “I know it sounds easy. You might think that you’ve got this and you might feel like you don’t need to do that because you already know that and because you feel like you already know you can.

“But actually, no. You do not.”

Jarrod explains further that the exercise is like riding a bicycle. People who have only read about bicycles but never have not ridden one might feel like they know how to ride a bicycle. But, they don’t. The only way to know how to ride a bicycle is to get on that bike.


Visit and take the Mindscan! It is a short, 15-minute exercise that will equip you with the framework to think differently and at a higher level.

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