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178 FIFM – Scaling Your Business by Changing Your Mindset

It is funny how I already have a very good semi-automated podcasting system to produce episodes so easily. And yet I forget to record episodes sometimes. Well, I think it is an opportune time to talk about how the mindset plays a role in appreciating what systems and processes can do for your business. You will be surprised with how much your mindset plays a role in making it to the next level for your business.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Business Mindset Emendation through The Entrepreneur Organization
  • Finding Resources to Help You Realign with the Right Mindset
  • What Resource Changed My Perspective on Scaling Up Through the Rockefeller Habits?
  • Your Biggest Obstacle in Business is Your Mindset
  • The Right Mindset is The Top Asset for Business Owners
  • Align with the Right Business Mindset to Unlock Freedom and Growth

Business Mindset Emendation through The Entrepreneur Organization

Business Mindset Emendation through The Entrepreneur Organization

Not too long ago, I joined The EO—Entrepreneur Organization. Now, if you haven’t heard of this group yet, go check them out.

So, this is a group of extraordinary people. And there are special requirements needed in order to become a part of The Entrepreneur Organization. I was actually introduced to it through a friend who’s been a member for a long time.

He was like, “Hey dude! you have to join The EO. If you don’t, we can’t be friends anymore because that’s how important this group is for your business. And I think you’ll get a lot out of it.”

Then I was like, “Okay I will do it then. I will make it happen.”

And I did make it happen when I joined the Silicon Valley Chapter.

I met some amazing people through The EO and I’m just completely floored by who they are and how they work. 

There are people in the group who run exotic car businesses. Some people repair different vehicles. Others do different forms of consulting and some are lawyers.

Of course, the majority of these people are much further along in business than I am. No matter what they are and what they are doing, they are really good at scaling their business. One thing I noticed is that they have one mindset in common that’s different from mine. They have set themselves up to grow—whether it’s revenue-wise or people.

Finding Resources to Help You Realign with the Right Mindset

Finding Resources to Help You Realign with the Right Mindset

Now, joining this extraordinary group of people left me wondering. How are they scaling their business? How are they making this happen? What are they doing differently?

A lot of them follow the methodologies that are found in a book called “Scaling Up”. The book is almost like a Bible of learning how to scale your business. So, it is a great resource to set yourself and your business up in preparation for scaling up.

Actually, I had a book in my library for some time. But it took me so long to read it because I kept telling myself, “I’m not that type of person and I don’t have that type of business. I won’t implement outdated things like The Rockefeller Habits.”

For lack of better words to describe it, I run a sort of lifestyle business. Although I have a large staff of people, I simply was not the typical executive or owner who sits behind a desk in a suit.

Eventually, I came to a point where one of the guys on my team really wanted to do some things and I had a really hard time getting to the next level with my business. So I needed to find an effective way of growing past where I am meeting the goals I set for this year.

What Resource Changed My Perspective on Scaling Up Through the Rockefeller Habits?

What Resource Changed My Perspective on Scaling Up Through the Rockefeller Habits?

I wanted to, at least, 4x my current revenue but there was no way to do it unless I really changed my habits so that me and my team can grow together.

So, one time I played “Scaling Up” on audible while driving and started listening. And man, was my mindset changed! I saw in myself what I perceived as a very stuffy and inflexible way of doing business where I did not have that “personal touch” with customers or with staff—I started seeing that.

And I realized how much my team was dying for this. They would love to implement some of these things. I needed to change how I did things on a regular basis so I may rise to a different plateau in the mountain that I’m climbing with my business.

As I’m driving and listening to the audiobook, every single idea that came out of the speakers made me think, “Man, I need to implement that. I need to put that in my systems.”

And it was funny because one of the things they said was, “As you’re reading this and doing the Rockefeller Habits, please implement these ideas one at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm your staff or yourself.”

So, okay. I wasn’t not going to implement a ton. But the next staff meeting came around—in fact that was today, as of recording this. And I implemented one Rockefeller Habit and that was to have an actionable goal that everyone would be accountable for in the following week.

Your Biggest Obstacle in Business is Your Mindset

Your Biggest Obstacle in Business is Your Mindset

Now, the actual goal is seeking out referrals from existing clients. And we already have a solid system for referrals. So, it was the perfect time to test it and see if it works. We are very excited to know the results next week during the staff meeting.

It was a cool way to start building good habits for scaling up. The book talks about building referral systems, setting targets for the year, and setting up contests for your staff to name a few. All these ideas will help you scale up.

So, why is this important and why am I bringing this up?

When you start any type of business—or any type of challenging endeavor—the biggest obstacle is always the way you think.

For me, the biggest obstacle in going from a solopreneur—being by myself—to building a team of about 80 people that’s thriving with clients who absolutely love us, was getting to understand processes and systems and putting that in my mind as a necessity.

In the past, I refused to document anything step-by-step. It felt too old-fashioned and I thought I would simply tell people what I want and then make it happen.

I read a book called “Work the System” and I realized why I was not able to grow past my obstacles. It helped me realize what to do and I was able to grow past to the point where I was able to enter as a full member of The Entrepreneur Organization.

All of that was awesome. However, I want to thrive and be one of the top Entrepreneur Organization members. To achieve that, I must change the way I see myself and my business. Mindset is huge. Mindset is key.

The Right Mindset is The Top Asset for Business Owners

The Right Mindset is The Top Asset for Business Owners

At ProSulum.com, I speak with prospects who think they simply need a Virtual Assistant who can do all the things they want to assign. Now, I can tell right away if the person has the right mindset to work with our Virtual Systems Architect.

Remember, a VSA’s primary purpose is to watch Process Videos from the client, document it step-by-step, and then perform the task for them.

So, if a prospect cannot value that nor have the right mindset, then they would think our VSAs are not that big of a deal. 

If a prospect says, “Why won’t you give me a Virtual Assistant that I can just tell what to do?”

Then I’m not going to give them our VSA because it would be like giving them an automated jackhammer when they don’t even know how to use a regular hammer.

It is vital to change the way you think and align with the right mindset . It could be through books or peers. Sometimes, it could even be through tragedies—through suffering. It could be through losing stuff that you are forced to change your mindset. 

You—and the way you think—is the number one asset that you have as a business owner. If you want to get to the next level, you have to change your mindset.
Now, if you do not understand the value of systems and processes for your business, then you probably want to read books such as “Work the System” or “Clockwork”.

Align with the Right Business Mindset to Unlock Freedom and Growth

Align with the Right Business Mindset to Unlock Freedom and Growth

Hopefully, those reads will help you understand the value of Virtual Systems Architects and why systems and processes are absolutely amazing. You do not want to miss out on growth, scaling up, and on the freedom of time for you and your people.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your team to understand how to document things. In effect, they will be able to learn how to do pretty much anything in your business.

But to be clear, it’s not that you are bad or anything like that. It simply means that you have not yet changed your mindset enough to appreciate the value of systems and processes.

Back in the day, Mark Dice did these Man In The Street Interviews—asking people if they would choose a gold coin over a Snickers bar. And every single time, people would want a bar of Snickers.

At that time, an ounce of gold was valued around $1,800. Just imagine people trading $1,800 for a bar of Snickers. That is absolutely crazy!

But if people knew the value of gold, they would never ask for a bar of Snickers. Of course not. And I’m not saying that’s bad. People simply did not know the value of it.


So, what can you do right now to change your mindset and understand the value? What is something that could help you scale your business? If you are a solopreneur, what books can you read to start learning about systems and processes?

Like I mentioned before, you can check out “Work The System”, for free.

Alternatively, you may visit ProSulum.com/report to check out a short but detailed report on why documented processes are amazing for your business.

And then, there is also the book “Clockwork” to check out.

Find whatever resources that will help you understand how systems and processes can take you from solopreneur to a very comfortable entrepreneur—somebody who has a trusted staff and who is not constantly putting out fires. Be somebody who can lead rather easily.

These resources can be very valuable.

So, what can you read right now to take you from solopreneur to entrepreneur? If you’re already an entrepreneur and you have a staff and systems, then what are the next steps for you?

Resources and Links

Whatever that next step is for you, I challenge you to take that next action.

This is Dean Soto. Go check out FreedomInFiveMinutes.com

And then, go check out ProSulum.com/report or ProSulum.com if you want a Virtual Systems Architect—somebody who is able to take what you show, document it, and then do it at a very reasonable price.

You will never have to do that task ever again. You will find complete freedom in it. Go check us out. This is The Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast and I will catch you on the next episode!


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