November 20

098 FIFM – There’s No Such Thing as Success and Failure, Only Signals

Signals can be positive or negative and in this episode of Freedom in Five Minutes, you’ll learn how to interpret those signals. Whether you are making every effort in getting more leads or are just curious about how these so-called signals can impact your business, this podcast is for you.

Overview & Episode Content

  • What Do Signals Tell You? 0:42
  • How Understanding Signals Can Lead You to that Absolute Gold Mine 6:33
  • Trying to Get That Signal? 10:14

What Do Signals Tell You?

What Do Signals Tell You?

This is really a cool story that will resonate to you all. How these so-called signals helped us a lot. One of my partners, Paul and I attended an event for Wework in Costa Mesa, California. And we were invited as guest speakers for 2 days.

So the first day, we went ahead with the talk and it was awesome and it seems that people enjoyed our presentation. However, that day after the event, we ended up restructuring the entire talk. We felt that it wasn’t good enough because it didn’t sell well even though people liked it.

On the second day, our presentation was way better compared to the first one. It was so good but still the structure didn’t land well and we didn’t get any business deals. Thus, we started thinking, “What did we do wrong?” It was a little bit more confusing.

Then, we had these questionnaires that we’re both afraid to look at because it might be negative. Ignoring the fact that these might help us answer our own questions. “Is it with our presentation or just that the people wanted something else?”.

After reading the questionnaires, one thing became clear to us. There’s no success or failure when it comes to marketing, only signals. And these signals helped us find the answers to our questions.

How Understanding Signals Can Lead You to that Absolute Gold Mine

How Understanding Your Market Can Lead You to that Absolute Gold Mine

There are so many factors on signals that people give you. If you made a ton of sales or you got a ton of claps with your presentation, that was a success. If people didn’t like the presentation or they didn’t buy, that’s a failure. But in reality, that is just the market and those people are telling you something. Telling you that maybe the presentation wasn’t good enough or they’re not opting to buy something right away. Whatever it is, people are giving you a signal at that point. Whether it’s negative or positive, it will help you push your business forward. Once you ascertain what they are trying to tell you, it can lead to an extremely profitable translation valuable to you and your business.

Trying to Get That Signal?

Trying to Get That Signal?

So, what are you doing right now to get that signal? Trying something that most of your market does not do? It might be because they’ve tried it and it doesn’t work? That’s the signal that you need to see. Whether the market is telling you, “Yay” or “Nay”. That’s fine, if it’s a “Nay” and it’s great if it’s a “Yay”. But even if it’s a “Yay”, how much of a “Yay” is it? Is it enough to continue or not? That’s how you need to look at it.


Looking at what those signals are telling you even if it’s positive or negative will let you know your next action. Success or failure, don’t take it personally. The more that you’re not able to take it personally, the more you’re able to turn this into an absolute gold mine for you, for your business and for your customers.

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