January 17

108 FIFM – Don’t Stick Your Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong and You Won’t Get Sprayed by a Skunk


Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong and you won’t get sprayed by a skunk. Unfortunately, for our Luna, that habit is hard to break. My daughter noticed that our dog, Luna, kept on going to this rock near our house. We are surrounded by huge granite rocks and they make huge rock formations. A lot of times you’re going to find little creatures hiding in those rocks.

So, Luna couldn’t leave a certain rock where she kept on whimpering and barking. She won’t listen to me and won’t come back into the house. I was thinking there was a creature there that Luna was looking to devour or play with.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Luna Got Sprayed by a Skunk – 1:56
  • Don’t Stick Your Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong – 4:30

Luna Got Sprayed by a Skunk

We decided to head on over to the rock formations and Luna looked at me with an expression that was asking me to be in a hurry. So, we climbed around these huge rock formations then we started going downhill. There was one rock formation that looked like the rock where Simba was held by the monkey when he was born and was deemed The Lion King.

This particular rock was jutting out and I was looking underneath this rock. Then, Luna joined me and went ahead of me underneath the rock. I saw right away a black and white tail and Luna was whimpering at the same time. I should have grabbed her beforehand but she went up closer instead, then she put her paws at the tail that was sticking out. The thing moved and Luna shot out of that little hole smelling like a skunk.

Unfortunately, she got sprayed by a skunk thus, she had to stay outside most of the day. That was not the first time she had been sprayed. She always sticks her nose to places where it doesn’t belong that is why she always gets sprayed by a skunk.

Don’t Stick Your Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong

https://www.prosulum.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/fuca-2491995_960_720.jpegLuna’s experience with the skunk is important in business because, often we stick our noses in places where we should not be sticking it thus, we get sprayed as well. Whether it will be talking smack on someone or doing something business-wise. For example, in my business, my team loves the fact that they have not just autonomy but they have decision-making skills as well.

We have a code in our business that everyone is a manager. Everyone can make their own decisions and can do just about everything. Since I don’t run the day-to-day operations, every time I try to stick my nose in the business that my staff is doing, I get sprayed by them or by the client. They will let me know right away that they got a handle and that I am mistaken. Because of this, I am always reminded to focus on being the business owner instead. That I should focus more on business development, strategic operations and on other things that only I, can do.

The more I stick my nose into other people’s business, including those people who work for me, I am only doing some damage to them, to my business and myself. So, it is important to have the courage to stick with what you know.


We should get rid of this habit and have the courage not to do it anymore. Instead, we need to trust people that we love, the people who work for us and the people who care for us. The more we do that, the more we are going to see that they are going to thrive on the things that we worry about.


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