November 15

097 FIFM – You Don’t Know Something Until You Look Underneath It All

In this episode of Freedom in Five Minutes, I get to share how going underneath helps my business. Also, I will share my first experience in planting trees which relates to the lesson that I learned when I gave a talk to a Southern California community in Costa Mesa.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Why Do You Need to Look Underneath? 1:04
  • How Going Underneath It All Relates to Getting Business Clients? 7:10

Why Do You Need to Look Underneath

When I decided to plant trees for the first time, I was very excited. I bought 14 amazing trees and there was one tree that I loved the most because it was like a dry apple. Contrary to an apple, the fruit of this Zhi lu or Lu Zhi tree does not have any juice when you bite it. At first, it was weird but after I got used to its texture, it was pretty good. I can also let it dry out in the vein and it turned and tasted like a date.

Even though our house is surrounded by rocks and granite, it looked nice on the surface. So, I decided to plant trees. But, when I started digging, I hit rock after rock, and I saw how nasty it was underneath. We had to change plans and I had to put my plants in another place where they can survive.

From this experience, I realized that going deeper is quite a challenge for most of us because we sometimes just stay at the surface level. But going underneath is how we are going to understand, realize, and appreciate the person or situation. The more that we can get deep, the more happy, more fulfilled, and the more benefits we are going to see in the long run.

How Going Underneath It All Relates to Getting Business Clients

My buddy Paul and I were invited as speakers to a Southern California community in Costa Mesa. I felt so happy because they loved us, and we received lots of awesome comments. But right after the event, we didn’t get any business deals. So, even though it looked great on the surface because the talk was very informative, no one reached out to us. And we didn’t understand why. It was so weird because I was used to getting people buying my service and were very interested. Thus, we started thinking, “What did we do wrong?”

After reading the questionnaires that we handed out, we realized they were very interested. They wanted us to contact them. They wanted us to set up a time to talk, to meet, and to do a consultation. When we started talking to people and emailing them, we learned that they were indeed interested and they needed our help. We spent time with the community, and we watched them grow. Then, we learned that the reason why they didn't approach us right after the talk was because they were not used to a straightforward approach.


Are you the kind of person who just stays at the surface level? Like going on a date and not doing a second date? Or asking somebody for business advice but didn’t let him do an actual proposal? You probably are, because most of us do. We tend to just stay on the surface level of things. Sometimes, we only base our decisions on what we see. So I challenge you, whenever you look at one thing, try to go underneath it because that is where the real treasure is.

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