June 26

120 FIFM – Using More Energy doesn’t Mean You’re More Productive


You know, as a business owner, it’s essential to maximize the energy and time you are spending on your business. As much as possible, you would like to get everything done efficiently, and that is one of the biggest challenges we encounter as business owners.

Now, let me share a secret that helped me and my clients to scale their business and smartly utilize their resources.

I will also share with you the top 5 strategies that made me do things more efficiently and effectively. 

Overview & Episode Content

  • Biggest Misconception of Being Efficient?
  • Why Working Smarter is MUCH Better than Working Harder
  • STOP Wasting Your Energy and Keep Moving Forward!

What Is The Biggest Misconception of being Efficient?

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Every day in business, we are getting bombarded by tasks that we think we need to do to scale our business. A lot of people believe that to be victorious, they should always have to strive harder for it. We are all stuck in the idea that we have to put so much energy and effort into things that will make us successful. That may be true at some point, but if you think more deeply about it, maybe we are already wasting a lot of energy and time on something that we could’ve done differently.

I’ve been practicing a martial-art called “Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu” for quite a while now. This martial art taught me a lot of lessons in life that I am currently using in my business. The discipline I got from this taught me a lot of lessons that I applied to my work, and the result was spectacular. One of the things I learned from this is how I would be able to use my energy efficiently.

Now, how could we possibly apply this discipline to your business? As your business grows, workload also increases relatively. From this, we should come up with ideas or strategies on how we could get all of these done efficiently. This process will allow us not to waste too much energy on our human resources. I don’t think you would want to burn yourself out with the workload that you could easily strategize.

Why Working Smarter is MUCH Better than Working Harder

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Now, going back with my Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu experience. Every after class that we have on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we do a bit of rolling; other martial-arts call it sparring. It is doing Jiu-Jitsu with each other and trying to make your opponent submit. Then, there is this one guy who is definitely fit. You can tell that he does something like CrossFit or something similar. The guy is probably about the same age as me, maybe between 30 and 40 years old. When I saw him, my initial reaction was this guy is good, and this guy is going to destroy me. 

When we started, right away, I ended up getting in my guard, which in Jiu-Jitsu is a dominant position. The guard position has your back on the ground, which in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu is totally fine. Now, we changed into a different posture; this time, I got into the mount position. And the first thing he did was wrap his arms around me.

Mount is where I’m on top of him, and my legs head onto him. I’m in a position where if I wanted to pound on his face with punches, he could barely do anything. The first thing he does was wrap his arms around me to hold me close to him, which is sort of what you can do so that your opponent can’t get any strength and can’t get any space to land punches.

What he didn’t realize was he was already draining so much energy out of his body, which caused him to get tired and loosen his guard. He thought he had an advantage over me. And so I waited for him to get exhausted, and after that, I moved in for a different position. And then finally, I submit the guy.

STOP Wasting Your Energy and Keep Moving Forward!

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So, how does the discipline in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu somehow related to our daily lives?

If you’re the boss and you are working 12 hours a day, doing the same thing each day, more than likely, you are just wasting your time and energy. I get you; you want to be productive as much as you can, and you think that you need to do those things. But what if I tell you that all you need to do is to step back and create a step-by-step documented process for it. This will help you offload the less necessary tasks and focus more on the bigger picture.

If you have a team, you should have a standard operating procedure that your team can use. The purpose of doing that is for you not to waste every ounce of energy, instead use it more efficiently.

Conserve your Energy and Do these:

  • Step back
  • Be more strategic
  • Find points of leverage
  • Have your business grow
  • Excel in different ways.

You might not realize this until right now, but if you’ve been doing a lot of overtime at work, most likely. there are mistakes in the process. That is also one of the reasons why we need to think of strategies that would help our productivity.

There is nothing wrong with working hard as it is also a key to be successful, but remember, hard work is great when it is necessary. 


So right now, what are you doing? Where are you constantly spinning your energy? Take a hard look and truly see these few things that are keeping you in the office for 12 hours. If you’re the one who learned how to do this thing over time, more than likely, somebody else can do it too. If you simply handed it off, create a process for it. That energy that you’re spending can be the best use for something else.

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