April 5

122 FIFM – Increasing Your Value to Customers Through Gifting


Are you the type of person who walks away when a prospect ends up becoming non customers? I want you to stop. Stay. Continue building a relationship with them. Yes, even if they are not your customers.

In this episode, I will share a peculiar experience I had with a realtor who maintained a connection with me and was giving and generous despite me not being his customer.

In this Freedom in Five Minutes episode, you will learn how to increase your value to customers through gift-giving.

Overview & Episode Content

  • My Unusual Encounter with a Realtor Who Maintained Contact Despite Being Non Customers
  • Surprise and Delight Your Customers by Doing the Unexpected
  • The Importance of Giving to Customers
  • How Non Customers Can Find Great Clients for You

My Unusual Encounter with a Realtor Who Maintained Contact Despite Being Non Customers

My Unusual Encounter with a Realtor Who Maintained Contact Despite Being Non-Clients

12 years ago, we were enjoying a quiet life in our home at Buena Park, California with my wife who was pregnant with our first child at that time. 

One day, a real estate agent came by. His name was David Sidoni — who is a very cool guy and whom I am still connected to on Instagram to this day. David came by and talked to us about our home.

“Have you ever thought about selling and moving?” he wondered.

And we said, “No. Not really.”

David continued to chat with us even if we were not interested in selling and moving at the time. He was a really nice guy. And after chatting with us, he went on his way.

Then, something unusual happened next.

About a week later, he came back to the house and brought my wife some sunscreen. You see, it was summer at that time when my wife was pregnant with our first child.

David brought her some sunscreen with a little note saying, “Hey, it's hot out there. Especially if you have a new baby. Congratulations. That is so cool. Why don't you go out and spend some time at the beach and just enjoy yourself?  You and your husband deserve it.”

We were delighted by David’s thoughtfulness and really, we were not expecting something like that at all. 

And then, about a month later, he comes back. But keep in mind, we were not wanting or even looking to move at all. 

He came back to visit us with another gift. It was a DVD called “The Happiest Baby On the Block”. It was about a doctor who showed you how to shush your baby and how to help your baby to not cry all the time. 

And boy, did we need that! Later on, it actually worked out really well! Especially with my first daughter who was such a huge crier. It was really rough. 

I was just blown away by David’s gifts and surprises!

Surprise and Delight Your Customers by Doing the Unexpected

Surprise and Delight Your Customers by Doing the Unexpected

If you maintain great relationships with people even if they're not customers, you are playing in a pool that nobody else is playing.

Imagine two to three months down the road and all of a sudden you get a gift. That's way different, right? That's huge! Nobody does that. 

Now, you have to understand that this gifting concept is there for a reason. It is there as a means to show and give value. Literally, it’s there to just give. 

Over time — whether that person is coming in and buying more from you, or whether they refer you to other buyers — you've put some kind of positive thing out there for them. Eventually, it comes back. 

Remember, you shouldn't do it just because you want something in return. The more that you can give, the more that you're going to see there is a tremendous value in giving before taking anything.

For example, if you're in the consulting space. Would you spend $100 to make $5,000? Well, if you send four gifts throughout the year to somebody, more than likely it is going to cost you about $100. 

Now, they might not be buying right now. They might not be buying later or within three months. But in the 12th month, they might finally be ready to move forward.

The Importance of Giving to Customers

The Importance of Giving

Why is it important to give? 

It is important because the more that you give, the more you will receive whether you like it or not. That is just how the universe works!

The biggest thing is to keep giving. But give strategically, as well. Do it because you genuinely like the people you’re being generous to and because you enjoy their company and conversations. Be sincere about it.

Sending something delightful through the mail gives you a 100% open rate. That is huge! You are creating a network where you get the potential of making thousands of dollars down the road.

And you do not have to break the bank as well. Please do not go into debt in order to give. Be generous and giving – simply to give. That way, you can receive and then give even more.

There are so many automated ways to do it now. You just have to figure it out. This is a great way to build a network of very good connections. And whether these connections are paying customers or not they can lead you to better clients.

How Non Customers Can Find Great Clients for You

How Non Customers Can Find Great Clients for You

It was so easy for me and my wife to become evangelists for David Sidoni without ever doing any business with him.

I mean, the guy is awesome! Think about it, we were not even remotely interested in moving to a new home yet and he is already going out of his way to do these delightful things for us. Can you imagine what it would be like if we actually worked with him?

Guess what happened next? One of our really good friends was looking to move to a new home. And so, they ended up hiring him as their realtor. Later, they ended up finding a house with David Sidoni! 

Their dream home, which I believe that they are still into this day, was all through sunscreen and The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD — which probably cost somewhere around $20 total. 

That is crazy! A $20 investment on gift items to give people that David liked, enjoying great conversations, and building a network of people. This helped him build very good connections and later on it enabled him to close a $700,000 house in elite Aliso Viejo, California simply from that $20 and from taking the time to grow his business in that way.


It’s like what Jesus preaches — “It’s better to give than to receive.”

And taking the time to find out about your people, even if they are not interested in moving on yet is crazy! It has opened up my eyes to what is possible when you give and give.

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So if you want a Virtual Systems Architect on your team or if you are interested to get to the next level and scale your business, you can do it all in as little as five minutes a day. 

Go check out FreedomInFiveMinutes.com or ProSulum.com. There, you will find the answer to Freedom In Five Minutes. 

I will catch you on the next Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode.

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