August 24

161 FIFM – The Power of Giving Before You Get

Where are you in your business right now and what are you doing to give back to your customers? Giving is hard, it totally is, and I get it. Whether it is time or money, whatever it might be, giving is tough.

But you must put yourself in a position where you are able to give more than you receive. You need to give more value to your client. In this episode, I will let you take a glimpse of my system that enables me to give more value than all of my competitors.

Learn how I have become the top-of-mind to customers during tough times. All that and more, in today’s Freedom In Five Minutes.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Technology Enhances Your Power of Giving
  • Learning How to Be Giving from Jermaine Griggs
  • Build a Community Who Loves What You Do
  • Giving Time to Your Clients Makes All the Difference

Technology Enhances Your Power of Giving

Technology Enhances Your Power of Giving

It is an interesting time we are living today. I believe that it is an old Middle-Eastern saying, “May you live in interesting times.” We are definitely at that point.

I know that some people are getting hammered while some people are doing well. Now, I came to a realization that no matter what happens, you are going to be in a situation. Whether that is a good situation or a bad situation, it is all there to help you learn.

Of course, when you are in harder situations, then it is much more difficult to learn. It may be harder to see why it is happening. But it is there nonetheless and there are learning opportunities from these situations.

That brings me to this point. The advancement of technology in this age has always fascinated me. In regards to marketing, the things we can do now used to cost thousands of dollars and a lot of your time two decades ago.

The neat thing is, those are no longer issues today. Those things are no longer considered a constraint because of the technology available today. You can automate so much today for less than a hundred dollars that would have cost thousands of dollars before.

Of course, costs will be more expensive as you scale. But one of the things that I think only a few people do is giving gifts.

Learning How to Be Giving from Jermaine Griggs

Learning How to Be Giving from Jermaine Griggs

I am an introvert by nature and rather selfish.

It all started back in 2014 with Infusionsoft. I bought a course from a guy named Jermaine Griggs, one of my mentors, who is absolutely amazing.

So, I started his course and learned all the things that he was doing with marketing automation. Everything from gathering data to sending text messages or gifts in the mail. The things he was able to do with automation were insane!

I really wanted to do that for my business and be able to systematize my processes. But the partners that I had during that time were not as excited as I was. I truly felt that there was something great in the online realm because only a few did the things I was taught. Nobody sends things in the mail anymore.

So, I honed the skills that enabled me to connect a lot of different software that you can use to send gifts through the mail. It was very interesting. We started doing this for the Online Empire Academy where people would pay $697 to learn how to sell online.

Right after a person bought the course, they would get a call on the phone and they would hear a voice recording that would say, “Hey, this is Dean Soto of the Online Empire Academy. Thank you so much for getting the course…”

Although it was a voice recording, we made it clear that their purchase was something really important to us. Some people ended up buying more things from us and in return, they would get more in their mail like cookies, brownies, or gift cards.

Build a Community Who Loves What You Do

Build a Community Who Loves What You Do

This built a huge community. It was not just a community where people were talking to one another. Rather, it was a community of people who really loved us.

I used to get messages from people who were absolutely impressed by our automated gift system. So, I kept developing this habit of building similar systems where customers get something in their mail that shows just how valuable they are to us.

Each of them feels like they are not just another customer. I want them to feel that we appreciate them and that they are not just giving us money without getting value in return.

I want everybody who works with us to get something. That habit is so cool because it is probably the best marketing tool that we have ever used in our business. I cannot remember a time where we would not get referrals after referrals.

These referrals would come by word-of-mouth because we have become top-of-mind.

Now, if we have profited one-thousand dollars off of an individual, I would not have any problem spending 10%-20% ($100-$200) in giving back to that person to give gifts and fun experiences.

Because of doing this, we see a lot of people refer us or stick with the business for a lot longer. That $100 spent on them turns into a lot of money over time.

Giving Time to Your Clients Makes All the Difference

Giving Time to Your Clients Makes All the Difference

By doing this, you are giving time to your customers as well. My clients know that they can call me and ask for whatever they need and I am usually going to be available. I always give them time so we can talk and chat.

There is so much value shown when you are able to give constantly. You are able to hold on to customers and grow your business.

I had a call with a software company that focuses on customer retention. I just wanted to see what they were about but their way of retaining customers is through amazing algorithms and reaching out right before it is time to cancel and sending a nice message or whatever.

That sounds great, do not get me wrong, but what if they get a gift right before that message in the mail. That is quite a different thing. Right before they potentially cancel, they get a gift.

What about if they get something in the mail even if they did not cancel? I have customers who reactivated their memberships. Nobody talks about that. What if customers get gifts in the mail and that was one factor why they reactivated?

Customers can leave because their plans change. Especially, with this global Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of business plans have changed drastically.


Things change, but if your business is the one that is top-of-mind, what do you think is going to happen? Customers will flock to you, they will look at you because you gave them value and attention.

What are you doing to give? Giving is hard, it totally is. Whether it is time or money, whatever it might be, giving is tough. I totally get it.

But what are you doing right now that puts you in a position to give more than you receive so that you can then give more to your client? What system do you have in place for that?

I want you to seriously consider developing a system if you do not have it — to enable you to give more than all of your competitors.

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This is Dean Soto, founder of Freedom In Five Minutes. Go check out and Do that and I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast Episode.

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