March 11

181 FIFM It’s Not How, But Who

Today on Freedom In Five Minutes, we talk about success—crushing it in your industry or a new venture. But instead of talking about the “How to…”, we will focus on the mind shift from “How to “Who”.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Discover Who to Walk With on the Path Towards Success
  • There is Opportunity in Taking the Competitor’s Failures and Improving It
  • Growing Your Business is Easier with Someone Who can Cover Your Weak Points
  • “Who Not How” is the Mindset that Unlocks Explosive Business Growth

Discovering Who to Walk With on the Path Towards Success

Discovering Who to Walk With on the Path Towards Success

The first few weeks of 2021 were definitely interesting—almost as interesting as 2020. So many events unfolded in such a short span of time! Naturally, I became unsure how 2021 would become.

However, I had a pretty cool awakening due to all the craziness that have been happening across the world in terms of business.

Things had been a bit foggy over the last several months in terms of my path forward for 2021. For that reason, I have been spending a lot of time speaking with different people. One person I’ve been constantly speaking with is a very instrumental part of Pro Sulum, and his name is Paul Tran.

Paul is such an amazing franchise developer. Back in 2013, he took me under his wing and taught me so much about selling, franchises, and the inner  workings of emerging restaurant brands. But keep in mind, this is the guy who is instrumental in developing big brands across the world—thousands of stores opened as a result.

As part of Paul’s teaching, he let me work with some of his potential clients. I quickly learned the ropes and went through the sales process. For years since working together, we kept telling each other how cool it would be to collaborate on a project. But nothing really panned out.

At that time, I had to go back to my full-time job. Aside from that, selling franchises full-time never worked out for me. But deep down, I felt a great potential in the food and restaurant industry. And I wanted to help develop new innovative ideas.

Paul and I went our separate ways business-wise. Despite that, we still kept in touch over the years and always hung out together. We stayed connected.

There is Opportunity in Taking the Competitor’s Failures and Improving It

There is Opportunity in Taking the Competitor’s Failures and Improving It

Years later, we finally collaborated on other projects. I started crushing it with the Virtual Systems Architect services through Pro Sulum. Our VSAs document all your systems and then they are able to do whatever it is you show them through process videos.

The cool thing about it was, my VSAs were something Paul really needed in his business. He needed the manpower support for his consulting, franchise development, and sales among other things. Naturally, he joined me at Pro Sulum and helped with selling our VSA services.

And of course, it worked out really well since he is a terrific sales guy. Everything worked out splendidly in our favor. But still, I could not stop myself from going back and opening up about the potentials and opportunities in the food and restaurant industry.

Just recently, we found a new client who is also a mutual friend between me and Paul. This client was working with a franchise development company but unfortunately, they had unsatisfactory results.

This particular company simply wasn’t doing a great job. The client spent ten of thousands of dollars and did not get much growth out of it.

This particular incident came up and I told Paul, “Dude, you could blow up his brand globally. This is something that could be huge! It’s a really cool concept. If we do this, we could grow into the next level franchise development company.”

Growing Your Business is Easier with Someone Who can Cover Your Weak Points

Growing Your Business is Easier with Someone Who can Cover Your Weak Points

And naturally, there was a little bit of hesitation from Paul because of all the technological requirements we needed to meet first.

Eventually, something clicked. Paul would focus on the development side while I would focus on the infrastructure of it. We will crush this thing. So, we talked to our mutual friend about our new service and got him on board with us. And this client has such an amazing story!

It was from there that we decided to start selling. And our efforts have already started to bear fruit rapidly! We are getting more calls from people who are interested in subscribing to our services.

And this rapid growth that we are seeing now will continue to be. What really clicked for me was how difficult things can get when you are doing things on your own. The magic happens when you meet people who can push you in the right direction.

Could I sell franchises? Yes, I probably could although it might take me a very long time to succeed and I’d probably hate the work. But I know the skills and I know how to do it because Paul taught me well.

Could Paul do the infrastructure from lead gen development, to A.I., to building teams? Yeah, he probably could but it would be difficult and tough for him because it’s not part of his skill set.

Who Not How is the Mindset that Unlocks Explosive Business Growth

Who Not How is the Mindset that Unlocks Explosive Business Growth

Now, is that bad for both of us? No, not at all. Paul is very good at the selling, promoting, and targeting the desired demographics. I’m really good at building the operations, infrastructure, process, lead gen, teams, and delegation.

I just know, we could crush this so hard. But only if we work together. We are growing fast because our work is based on who and not how.

Jarrod Souza, a good friend and long-time client, shared a book with me called “Who Not How”. The book talks all about how to make a mindset shift that unlocks explosive growth in your business and in your life.

Find out who is extremely good at something you need and partner up with them. Or if you give them something of value that would make them want to help you in return, then you can crush it and grow very fast — in ways you wouldn’t be able to do before.

So, this “who not how” mentality is absolutely important. It is vital that an entrepreneur can identify people who have the skill set they need to grow the business. A lot of ideas in an entrepreneur’s head are things that they are not really good at.

Find the people who can lift you up during the horrible times. Work with people who can help solve those terrible problems or who enjoy doing the work you’re terrible at. Working with these types of people multiplies your effectiveness.


All that being said, I’m extremely happy that Pro Sulum is now headed in the right direction that could potentially revolutionize an entire industry. And this is only the beginning.

All that being said, what are you struggling with right now? Are you struggling with something you know you can solve with the help of a specific person in your network? Contact that person and let them know what’s in it for them.

Reach out to people who can help you and you will crush it in business.

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This is Dean Soto. Go check out or and I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes podcast Episode!


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