July 7

188 FIFM How We Created Over $50,000 Per Month Using Systematic Selling Machines


Let us talk about my experiences from back in the day when I was selling through Amazon dropshipping.

If you want more stories around my Amazon dropshipping years, listen to the previous episode of Freedom In Five Minutes Episode 187. In that episode, I talked about how we built a $1.4M Amazon Dropshipping business using one simple change in mindset related to systemization and outsourcing.

Overview & Episode Content

  • On Selling and Dream Dropshipping
  • Creating Systemic Selling Machines
  • A Better Way to Develop Automated Selling Machines with VSAs

On Selling and Dream Dropshipping

On Selling and Dream Dropshipping

Related to my dropshipping years is a side-project I did. That side project was a course I created called Dream Dropshipping. It takes all of the systems that I created and turned them into video format.

After some tests, I proved that my Dream Dropshipping methods worked! But the funny thing was, when I used that same course as a means to teach my guys, it did not work!

The reason why that was a failure was because I did not document anything system-wise. So the whole thing just bombed as a result. But eventually, I was able to systemize the whole thing into a documented process and sold all of the documented processes that I had created.

During that time, I used a tool called Process.st at that time. But Process.st eventually removed the ability to export files as a Word Document. So today, we use Google Docs for all of our systems and process documentation.

One of the biggest things for me during my dropshipping years was the need to sell. It was during that time that I discovered a system from a guy named Frank Kern and I followed his method of creating simple systems for selling.

Creating Systemic Selling Machines

Creating Systemic Selling Machines

Essentially, the main tool used to build those systems was Infusionsoft. That tool allowed me to create sales pages and squeeze pages. For those who do not know, a squeeze page leads a person to a free course. But that free course is actually selling the audience a product.

As an example, that free course might be “How to Sell T-Shirts on Amazon”. People can utilize that course for free, no problem. But through that free course, the audience has the option to pay for an additional dropshipping course. The cool thing about this model is that they used a thing called Deadline Funnel.

With Deadline Funnel, it allowed me to set up deadlines for my audiences. For example, a person would only have “X” amount of time to opt in on a specific deal. And if they did not buy within that certain time period, they would lose the offer forever. The person would then be redirected to another sales page. It was really cool.

I found myself creating several of these little selling systems. For each system I created, it took me about 4 hours. And those hours involved complete focus on the task at hand. But the beauty of it was that each system was totally automated and each one was connected to the next.

For example, I have 5 different courses to sell. But a person did non buy Course A. That’s fine, the system would take that person to Course B. But if the system detects that the person already has Course B, then it would take them to Course C instead. The person would go through this automated process that would eventually introduce them to all 5 courses I am selling.

A Better Way to Develop Automated Selling Machines with VSAs

A Better Way to Develop Automated Selling Machines with VSAs

Now, if the person did not buy any of my courses, the system would automatically follow up, with modified verbiage, a few months later. These are the automated selling machines that take people in a loop. Eventually, people who did not buy anything from you will end up buying something. Or, people who bought only one thing from you might end up buying more.

Those automated selling machines were really cool but the time it took me to develop them was too much! Imagine, 4 hours of complete focus on your desk to develop just one system.

What I did to free up my time was recording my process for developing these automated selling machines. In these recordings, I describe in detail how I set up these systems and I have my Virtual Systems Architects at Pro Sulum document my process videos — step-by-step.

By doing that, I was able to show them how I created the sales pages, the bridge page, deadline funnel, and how we would move each person to the next automation. All of these things that normally take me 4 hours, turned into about 20 minutes of work for me.

All I had to do after that was send my VSAs a link to the sales page and the video. They wouldn’t need anything else other than those things and they would create the sales, squeeze, and checkout pages for me.


This is a really cool way to create systemic selling machines through process documentation. And these brought in recurring revenue over and over again!

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This is Dean Soto — founder of ProSulum.com and FreedomInFiveMinutes.com and I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode.


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