July 3

087 FIFM – Interview with Hector Cavazos: Your Face Can Be Your Fortune

What’s your main moneymaker? You may think it’s your skills, your advertising, or your business idea.  What you may not have considered is your face!

In this episode, you’ll hear from Hector Cavazos from Hector Cavazos Photography (www.hcphotos.com) on why your face can bring you more customers. You’ll love how with just a simple image you can convey a million ideas in your prospect’s mind before they even meet you.


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Dean Soto 0:00
Hey, this is Dean Soto founder of freedom in five minutes calm and we’re here again with another freedom in five minutes. Episode. Today’s topic is this, your face can be your fortune. That and more coming up.

Oh cool. So we are in a we’re having we’re gonna have a good day to day. We’re gonna have a good day to day because I have someone on the podcast that I think is going to be extremely extremely interesting and extremely helpful for you especially if you are the type of business owner who

has kind of ignored the power of your face. That sounds good. It sounds totally weird. But this is this is a business owner and this is somebody who is going to absolutely impress you and going to show you why you can be the fortune and why your face can actually be the fortune of your business. So I’m here with Mr. Hector Cavazos from Hector, Cavazos photography, how are you doing my man?

Hector Cavazos 1:24
Oh, thanks Dean for the for the introduction. I’m doing well how are you? I’m doing well I’m doing well. So I actually found Hector on LinkedIn he had a really cool article on on basically on how your profile like you like basically how you can make or break your business how people see you how people look at you. And so I headed over to his website, and I was just like blown away because it is nothing but headshots because you know you do. I’ve photographers are

Dean Soto 2:00
everywhere, right? But typically, anyone who’s going to be in photography is going to be taking, you know, full body pictures, things like that, but just looking at what you’re doing. It’s pretty powerful. Like every single photo that I saw on your site, I’m like, oh, man, that guy that that person or that, that that man, that woman has credibility? Like they must be like super, they must be be super successful. Just, I literally it was every single headshot. So how in the heck did you start with photography in general? And then how did you pick this particular niche of just doing headshots?

Hector Cavazos 2:45
Well, I started I’ve always had an interest in photography ever since I was, I don’t know maybe eight or 10 years old. My mom bought me a Canon Kodak win 10 camera and I just fell in love with taking pictures.

And then,

about four years ago, I started, you know, just like any other photographer where you know you become more of a generalist where you could do portraits and headshots and even sports. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with doing that. But I really was passionate about heads up photography. So approximately two years ago, I decided that I wanted to make a switch, I wanted to be a more of a specialist in a certain area of photography, headshots. And from there, I started developing it, and it took about two years to really fine tune it, whether it’s website

and really finding that look, that is really going to project confidence and trust with each client that I focus on. Yeah, I this is Yeah, every time I look at literally looking at them right now. I’m like that

Dean Soto 4:00
exactly that you trust these people. And so so going from photography in general to this was a big move. So what what like why did you Why did you actually want to specialize in headshots like Why? Why? Because it could have been, it could have been anything with the headshots like what do you think the power is in this type of photography?

Hector Cavazos 4:26
Well, with with headshots, you’re dealing with professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, real estate agents. In Nowadays, people are becoming more visual. Many people are visual learners and over 90% of information that is processed by the brain is visual. Humans are process 60 times faster with visual photography, versus reading texts. You know, I know for me, when I look at a magazine, I’m looking at the images and if something catches my attention, then I start reading the article says that initial image that conveys a message, like to say a picture’s worth 1000 words, I think it’s even beyond that. Because it’s also it captures trust, it captures competence and captures approachability. And it’s all for me in the headshot. And that’s why I really wanted to just focus on one niche. And that is

Dean Soto 5:47
I Love it. Love it man, like to me that this like to specialize in that for a while would have been something that was a bit of a scary move. Because you’re, you’re the the common common mindset is that well, you’re leaving so many other opportunities on the table, did you find that? It was initially hard to go from, you know, that normal type of photography, this photography, you were doing before to? To focusing on this? was it? Was it kind of a hard decision to make? Or was it worth what were kind of some of the roadblocks that happened?

Hector Cavazos 6:29
I think any decision where you’re really fine tuning or becoming a specialist, if you kind of have to ponder on it and really wonder, am I making the right decision, but then I think you also have to go with your gut. And not that I don’t mind doing portrait photography or, or sports, I think that was, that was a great opportunity. But it really didn’t do anything for me. And when when I am behind the camera, and I can Can I have a client in front of me, who is really focusing on projecting that confidence that trust, and I can bring out that personality. That is where the pleasure is that because I know that I am going to try my hardest and and deliver a image that is going to make them look great. And for me that is self rewarding right there.

Dean Soto 7:31
I love that. That’s awesome, man. I love it. So like with with headshots in general, what are kind of the what are kind of the things that so say, say say a customer comes to you somebody who wants to get a headshot? Why? Why Does somebody want to get a headshot for their for their business for what they’re doing? Why do they want it? And what are some of the things that they should expect from from action from prior to the headshot? And then after the headshot? That makes sense?

Hector Cavazos 8:08
Well, prior to the head shot, it could be a person is now they’re a business owner they are they want to have a competitive advantage over their competition. Yeah. So. So what I would do is I would help them build that rapport with their clients, potential customers, so they can convey, you know, their personality, their confidence, also approachability, and a lot of people look at images, whether it’s on a business card or on TV, and is that person trustworthy. And when you have an image, for example, if there’s a, you’re using a selfie, for professional branding of your website, or LinkedIn, it’s really sending the message that you’re not really focused on projecting that confidence or you’re not willing to make that investment in hiring a professional photographer, to really have that. That brand, that business branding, that influences you know, clients, and also you become the, you want to be the loudest in your marketplace. Yeah. And by doing that, you’re you’re separating yourself from the average person. I love that.

Dean Soto 9:46
It’s true cuz cuz I know so many people who, especially as I used to be in the internet marketing type space, where there’s a lot of like online classes, how to make money online, things like that. And you see people just with literally like their t shirt. And, and they in a small little little photo looks like it’s in their in their bedroom or whatever. And you’re like, do I really

Hector Cavazos 10:11
like this? This is a do

Dean Soto 10:13
I really want to do business with this guy. I know, I know, his sales page says he’s done all this other stuff, all this stuff. But like when when you have someone who has this professional who’s literally took invest their money and invested in making themselves be able to project trust and authority and professionalism, you can definitely see how how, how almost immediately, you have this, this, you actually build a persona. Even if you’ve never met this person, you build a persona in your mind just based off of their headshots. Have you seen any of you you ever had anybody? And you don’t have to name names? But have you ever had it come into your come into your studio? Or are you went on location or anything like that? Were they? They were hesitant, they didn’t know they were they were super shy or super, just did not know, what they how to how best to project and then afterward, we’re just completely blown away?

Hector Cavazos 11:30
Yeah, most most people, I wouldn’t say are either they, they’re concerned about their way, but concerned about you know, they don’t take good pictures, or they tend to procrastinate. And then there’s also you know, the balance between children and family like that, you know, they don’t place the importance of having a professional headshots really represent them in a professional life, on their LinkedIn page, most most people tend to say, No, I don’t take your picture. Well, my response to that is great, because I don’t want to take pictures, I just need you to stand there. And I’m going to direct you. So you don’t have to worry about taking pictures. That’s my job. And, you know, it’s really it’s about breaking the ice and building rapport with him. And that starts with if I can give a story is I learned this from a Peter Hurley, Peter early is a well known headshot photographer based out of New York City. He was the one who I learned how to take headshots. And he basically gave you the foundation. And then from there, you just build it, Peter Hurley has this. This saying where when you first meet someone, it’s like a thread, anything can break this thread. And that could be whether it’s being trustworthy or, or maybe they’re, they’re not confident. But that thread, when I need that client, the initial contact, I want to make it into a string. And then from that string, now that trust starts to strengthen. And then from that string towards, during the session, I wanted to make it into a world where that rope is really tight between us. And that is a connection that we’re starting to build. Well, by the end of the session, I want that thread that turned into a string that ended up becoming a road to turn into a chain to wear now I am really I have their confidence, or, you know, it could take 20 3040 minutes for someone to warm up. But it is very important to to build that over a process. And he just don’t walk up to a person and say, will you marry me? No, you have to build that relationship, you know, you know, it may not work. So you have to use those the steps, at least for me using this analogy, to really build that a bad that rapport with the client potential.

Dean Soto 14:31
Yeah, I love this band is, that’s, that’s a great, great way of putting it, that that you’re just constantly you’re starting with that thread, you’re just constantly building and building and building and building and your your every, the, the that headshot that because even with you they are literally looking at your your headshot right now on your website view, I see all of these, all of these other headshots, and then when I look at look at yours, like you have this, this kind of aura of kind of more, I wouldn’t say laid back, but kind of like you’re a nice guy, you got it under control, don’t worry about it, I, you know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna guide you to this whole thing, I’m not this, you know, super, that you don’t have this, like three piece suit on or anything like that. It’s kind of like a just come on, come on in. And you know, we’re gonna, we’re gonna, we’re gonna make this fun, easy. I got this under control. It’s interesting how, how that is built literally just off of an image. And that’s what that that’s what kind of drew me to have you on this, this show in the first place? And so like, so I always ask this question of all my guests. So we always ask this five minute kind of hoc question is something that can be either done in five minutes, something that you made a decision in five minutes or less something that would just like, it could be a change in mindset, it could be whatever. It’s just something that was that massively transformed, either your business or massively transformed how you look at your business or something like that. what’s what’s kind of one thing that really just massively changed the trajectory of what you were doing in your business?

Hector Cavazos 16:36
I think one of the major factors in what changed my business was customer service, providing a level of customer service that each client that I see is going to give me a five star reviews because I earned it, it wasn’t because I asked, we’re it was because I earned it. And I provided a level of service, ultimately, to where I want to call them, you know, a friend of mine. That’s how, from the time that we started, the time that we finished a session, it could be a 20 minute session, it can be two hours. But everyone is different when it comes to what it takes to get it, you know, to, for them to relax a little bit in front of the camera, because having a camera pointing at them. Now the stranger is awkward. Yeah. So I try to minimize that awkwardness. And that is just through direction into conversation, building rapport. And, and for me, it’s really about customer service. Yeah, that’s why I knew when it when it from just a general photographer, to a headshot photographers, I wanted to interact with the people and get them excited mile without eating, feigning smile, and really bring out that personality. And I doing that my target audience is helping business professionals. And what I do is I try to get free portraits or headshots, that are very impactful and powerful. Yeah. And the result is really to position them as leaders in their market or in their industry.

Dean Soto 18:32
I love it, I love it. Yeah. And you can tell you can tell by the by the pictures, which is it you can tell so like with. So obviously with that, because customer service it from the very get go, like with you, everything has to be has to be about customer service, because you have you have the customer service of when they when they first schedule, they got like a booking or call or or anything like that to when they did when they come in or if you because you have them come into the studio, but you also couldn’t go to them to right.

Hector Cavazos 19:09
Correct. I offer in the studio. I’m based out of Fresno in downtown Fresno. And I also do session is after office for workplace indoor or outdoor being independent. And I also started doing Expo and trade show conferences that were

Dean Soto 19:41
so they go so what’s the what what, what would be the benefit of that

Hector Cavazos 19:48
trade show? Yeah. For example, if there’s a company say, down, if y’all wanted to shoot, you use some sort of lead generator, they would book me. And then I would be in there. And I would be providing headshots to all the attendees that are attending that particular conference. That’s cool. So it’s like a lead generator? Yeah, well, the line is lady to get a free headshot. Sponsored by they are interacting with potential clients and potential leads. So that is that is pretty phenomenal. That’s cool. That’s a

Dean Soto 20:44
great. That’s a great idea. Yeah, that’s, that’s awesome. I love that. I love that. Well, cool. So how can people reach you what’s the best way several ways to reach you and actually do some some headshots with you.

Hector Cavazos 21:05
There’s several ways they can find my website online at see photos.com send a message through either email, or they could go to the contact or for book a call and enter their information. And I can have a conference call with them and speak with them in over the phone. Or also, they can just do a Google search for a head shot on target radio.

Dean Soto 21:42
Oh, it’s great. For him perfect. That’s cool. So um, so with with that all being said, the if they were to schedule right now, do you give like phone consultations? Thank you. Just like prior to it just in case people are hesitant or anything like that.

Hector Cavazos 22:08
It’s a free 20 minute

consultation to answer any questions that they may have any concerns and really to find out what is it that they are looking for, because I want to make sure that I if they have a vision I want to make sure I and that could be group headshots no pricing for for multiple employees, large parts companies. So if you can, it just one way to really understand in which letter nice. That’s awesome. I love it.

Dean Soto 22:47
I love it. Alright, so thank you so much for being on the podcast is this is Yeah, this is something that is going to be super beneficial to the audience. And, and, and just really to anybody because a lot of people don’t think that they will work on their blog, they’ll work on their website, they’ll work on SEO, they’ll work on all this other stuff. But then, but then they don’t work on they don’t they don’t even think about the first impression that they make with their photo with with how people see them. And so I just think that this is a great to have you on a super, super, super beneficial. And so just I appreciate you taking the time Come on, I know you’re super busy with your with all your photography. So thanks so much.

Hector Cavazos 23:34
You know, if I can say one more thing, another way that they can contact me or any other president area is they could visit headshots.com. And there, they can search for the nearest headshot headshot crew member. And its worldwide. It is an organization that is put on by Peter Hurley, he’s he’s the creator of the headshot crew. And, you know, give, give your local headshot crew members and business that really would appreciate it. But if you’re in the frozen area, please give me a call and I’ll be more than than happy to assist you. And also for freedom fine. Or freedom in five. Audience if they go to my website, and they do. There’s a coupon that they can repeat. And then this is freedom by and you get get a few dollars off your head. And like

Dean Soto 24:39
that, I like that. That’s perfect. That’s perfect. So yeah, if you’re if you’re looking to get a headshot, go and use that coupon, a freedom five coupon and that would be absolutely awesome. And I appreciate that very much.

Unknown Speaker 24:56
You’re welcome. Awesome. So

Dean Soto 24:57
Hector, thank you so much, again for being on the show. It is it has been an awesome, awesome pleasure. And if you want to check out, Hector, what you can do definitely go to HTC photos.com. Or if you’re if you’re way outside of the area, and you want to get a headshot done, go to headshot crew calm and go and get that done. get that done. But definitely check out HTC photos, com amazing photos, you’re going to absolutely love it. You’re going to see the power, literally the power of your face and what it can do to improve your business massively improve your business. So all that being said, thank you so much for being on And guys, if you want to have a systems, virtual systems architect, go to freedom in five minutes, calm, you show them five minutes how to do something, they document it, then you never have to do it again. They’ll take it for you take it over for you. And all that being said, hopefully you got a massive amount of value out of this podcast episode. And we will see you in the next freedom in five minutes podcast episode.

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