February 8

110 FIFM – The Best Accountability In Business Is Having Good Friends

In business having good friends is far more about the good things than the bad ones.

Friends who are close enough to know your most intimate struggles can rejoice with you in the victories you win, give you a  form of motivation or improve your ability to make decisions.

At this very moment, who do you have around that’s helping you to succeed and tells you if you’re on the right path or not?

Overview & Episode Content

  • Your Business, Your Friends and You – 1:20
  • Good Friends vs Self-Criticism – 8:02

Your Business, Your Friends and You


Every Monday morning, I have a call with some really good and close friends who are also in business. Friends who are constantly pushing each other to hit the next level of our game.

So, I have these two things. One was to create a four video series on some of the things about systemizing and automating a business which I’ve been putting off for quite some time. Actually had the content made but just didn’t build a funnel for it. The reason is because I’m not good enough like, who’s gonna listen to this? Don’t know why but I always think that nobody’s gonna find this valuable. Here’s the deal, my friends don’t care but they do care if it does good but doesn’t if it goes bad.

The same thing happened with the book that I’m writing. I was talking with my buddy Devin, and the cool thing is that I told him that I was just about done writing a book. And I’m like, you know, it’s just a jumble right now. It’s just when you read this, don’t judge me. But you know, he wanted to see where it was and everything like that.

After a couple of weeks, he reached out to me and he’s like, this book is really good. And I was like, I actually thought it was gonna be not that great. There’s no way that I could write a decent book but he thought otherwise which was really, really cool. I really appreciated it and it pushed me to finish editing it and put it out there in several ways.

Good Friends vs Self-Criticism

Depression, Voices, Self-Criticism, Critic, Down

What’s the point of all this? There’s so many times when you discount the things that you are able to do and try to do things like everybody else. The minute that I try to be like someone else, it doesn’t work. But when I start doing things the way I want to, I say 90% of the time it goes well. The biggest critic comes from you and that’s why it’s so important to have people to bounce ideas off of. A mirror cannot look at itself without somebody holding up that mirror, right? You are the camera that’s filming everything but can’t film itself unless you have somebody else. You need people to show you who you are so that you can grow and become better.


Stop criticizing yourself. So this week, who do you have around that’s helping you to succeed? Do you have friends who you can talk to on a regular basis to tell you what works and what doesn’t? Those who’ll tell you if you’re going on the wrong path or if you’re on the right way. People that loves you and who will do that for you?

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