May 25

136 FIFM – Don’t Let a Virus Stop You from Doing What You Intended to Do

Who are the people closest to you? Are they family? Friends? During this time of global coronavirus crisis, what were you able to give them?

It is a time of uncertainty. If the system goes away, will you still have people to go to and band together with? Can you still grow your family then? Or grow your livelihood and culture? The reality is, we have lost so much of the American Spirit and the American Dream.

Overview & Episode Content

  • How Do You Plant and Grow the Perfect Garden Bed in the Midst of a Pandemic?
  • What Do You Think About the Coronavirus?
  • People are More Blessed When Giving Than When Receiving
  • Why You Should Stop Hoarding and Start Giving

How Do You Plant and Grow the Perfect Garden Bed in the Midst of a Pandemic?

How Do You Plant and Grow the Perfect Garden Bed in the Midst of a Pandemic?

Before I talk about the main topic for this episode of Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast, let me tell you about a very cool gardening project I am working on today.

Right now, I am rolling tree trunks up to the garden bed enclosure in our acreage. These tree trunks will be used for some Hugelkultur.

For centuries, Hugelkultur has been used in Eastern Europe and Germany. Pronounced hoo-gul-culture, it is a German word that literally means hill culture or hill mound.

A Hugelkultur is a raised garden bed of about two feet high. And then, buried in this garden bed are tree trunks, dead wood, and branches. These no-dig raised garden beds make a ton of difference!

They do a great job of holding in moisture. To be honest, I do not know if they are drought-proof. But drought tolerant? Definitely!

It is also a great way to build up fertility and maximize surface volume. If there is one thing that fruit, vegetables, and herbs love to grow on, it is Hugelkultur. The plants just grow on them very well!

To know more detailed information on what a Hugelkultur is, look it up on Google! I highly recommend making some Hugelkultur if you have gardening projects going on right now. It is absolutely a wonderful project for your garden.

What Do You Think About The Coronavirus?

What Do You Think About The Coronavirus?

Now, today’s main topic is related to the global coronavirus pandemic and what I really think about it. People may disagree with me on this one but this is what I think.

A big part of me wants to say that this whole thing is totally fake. I think that we should not worry about it at all. But then again, I’m sure that there are people out there who are suffering close to what the CDC describes.

If you look at this coronavirus and compare it to all the pandemics that have surfaced in the last few decades, it is minuscule!

And people might think, “How dare you, Dean! How dare you say that the numbers are not even close to what they say!”

Well, that is the truth! Research for yourself and take a look at the numbers. You will see that it really is not as bad as the past pandemics!

People are More Blessed When Giving Than When Receiving

You are More Blessed When You Give Than When You Receive

I went to the grocery store despite all the craziness today. What I saw there did not surprise me at all. The shelves were pretty much empty because people were on the hoarding, panicking, and saving mode where they had forgotten to care about their neighbors.

Seeing the empty aisles made me think of a book that I have read recently called “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg. The book is about giving more than receiving. This concept actually comes from a bible reference, which they have mentioned in the last parts of the book.

It is more blessed to be giving than it is to be receiving. Coming from a pretty broken home, I tend to have a habit of hoarding and not giving before I am receiving. It was so amazing to read the book because not only did it change my mindset, it showed me why people like Daniel Apple and William Chiem got us into places like WeWork. WeWork is huge! It is one of the biggest companies right now.

If you have not listened to me and Paul Tran, talking about Daniel and William in a previous episode, check it out at

William and Daniel of Trinet based all of their sales philosophy on The Go-Giver mentality where the idea is to simply give without expecting anything in return.

Why You Should Stop Hoarding and Start Giving

Why You Should Stop Hoarding and Start Giving

Now, the thing is that you will get things back in return anyway — even if you’ve given without expecting to receive anything. It is so amazing to have that whole mentality.

To have this state of mind is vital during this time where people are hoarding food and, of all things, toilet papers.

Why is this important? It is vital because, during this time of uncertainty with the global coronavirus crisis, one can never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. The only certain thing is that people have friends, neighbors, and family.

Now is the time to get closer to them. This week,  get closer to the people you care about you. Even if we are not a hundred percent certain that they do care about our wellbeing, get close! This is what is truly important during these times.

Sure, you may just call on Amazon to send over whatever you want but what if Amazon goes away? What if the rest of the system goes away?

Today is the time to focus on those who are closest to you so that whatever happens, people can still band together and grow families, grow livelihoods, and grow cultures. We have already lost so much of that in the American Spirit and in the American Dream.


American actress, producer, dancer, singer, and founder of The Hawn Foundation—which helps underprivileged children—Goldie Hawn said, “Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping because giving gives you purpose. When you have a purpose-driven life, you’re a happier person.”

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This is Dean Soto, founder of Go to check out your business process scorecard and join the masterclass. Also, check out and the four video series that we have there. Do that and I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode!

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