February 11

111 FIFM – Please Stop Picking My Brain. It’s Gross!

Does it benefit me to give away all the things I have learned that I use to make my living? Have you ever been in a relationship where the other did nothing but to give and give while the other only received selfishly? Yes, it's important to realize that any good relationship requires giving and not just taking but it's up to you to determine what you're willing to give away and how much of it. Know your worth, understand your value, your brain is your investment, don’t let others pick it!

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  • Letting Others Pick My Brain While I Pick Their Noses, Does that Sound Like a Win-Win Situation? – 0:59
  • Picking on Someone's Brain, How Much Value are You Giving Back? – 7:32

Letting Others Pick My Brain While I Pick Their Noses, Does that Sound Like a Win-Win Situation?

BrainI got this text message from a friend of mine who used to work for me. And a while, maybe a year ago, we got back in touch and he was looking for another position but with a relatively big nonprofit organization. I ended up helping him with a referral recommendation. After a couple of weeks I hadn't heard from him. He actually ended up getting the job. Then, out of the blue, he texted me and said that he ended up getting another position with a really well known church organization as the marketing director. And because of that, he was looking for additional channels to get their music into different locations. In the text, it was basically just giving updates but at the very end, he says, I would love to pick your brain.

Immediately, I was like, I don't know if I'm gonna respond to you. Because of a couple of things, whenever I've let people quote unquote, pick my brain, it never worked out in my favor. What value am I getting out of that? Not that I want to always get something back for helping other people. In my opinion, it’s like let me take all of the experience, all of the things that you've learned, everything. Can I just take all of the good stuff from you, so that it benefits me? Let me pick your brain and give you no value back whatsoever. The idea that it's okay to ask if you can pick someone's brain is so backward. Why would you ever think that that's okay?

Picking on Someone's Brain, How Much Value are You Giving Back?

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Why is this important? It's important to realize that any good relationship requires giving. Not just taking. What are you giving to the situation? What's the value you are bringing? So, what are you bringing to your relationship? Because it's not just business. What do you bring into your marriage? What do you bring into your time, your relationship with your kids? Do you give without asking for anything? How many times are you giving gifts to your clients during the year as your way of saying thank you? They're giving you money and you're giving them value back. But how many times are you appreciating them and not just taking them for granted?


Stop picking people's brains. It's a bad habit. Right now what are you doing that is simply taking from other people? Maybe you haven't tied in years. They have to pay their bills, right? Unless you're doing something like home study online or something like that. They have to pay for that fixed cost. This keeps the fellowship going. What's the percentage that you've donated? This week, see where you're taking. That's it. And then you'll have at least the information that you need to then make a decision on what you want to do so that you're starting to give value.

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