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193 FIFM Everything in Business and Life is an Offer

Today’s topic is about a change in mindset that has helped open better paths for me that led to success in both business and life.

If you are curious about what this shift in mindset is, then check out today’s episode of Freedom In Five Minutes!

Overview & Episode Content

  • Our Life and World is not Exactly as It Seems
  • Everything That Comes in Your Life is an Offer that You May Counter
  • Shifting Mindsets to a Higher Level

Our Life and World is not Exactly as It Seems

Our Life and World is not Exactly as It Seems

A few weeks ago, I received a certified letter in the mail regarding one of my investment properties.

For those who do not know, a certified letter means I have to sign it upon receipt. Now, as soon as you have signed a certified letter, US law assumes that you have read it. So, one way to serve people is through certified mail.

From a legal standpoint, it is assumed that the recipient has read the mail when they sign the receipt. Naturally, when I got that piece of mail, I assumed it would probably be bad news.

When I opened the mail, sure enough, it was from a paralegal to one of the attorneys in the city where one of my investment properties is located. The mail states that I had a billing for a little over $1,000. They say that I have not paid my water bill on one of my properties and that I had 10 days from the time that I got the letter to pay in full. Or else, they would put a lien on my house, among other things.

Now, the old me— a year or two back—would have freaked out! I would be looking at that letter, scurrying to pay the bill as quickly as I can, and resolve the issue. But that was the old me.

Ever since the start of the worldwide pandemic in 2020, there were a lot of things that have shown me that the world that we are taught to live in is not the world that we actually live in.

Everything That Comes in Your Life is an Offer That You May Counter

Everything That Comes in Your Life is an Offer That You May Counter

When government agencies, corporations, or businesses say that you must do something to your body, that is called an offer.

Now, forgive me for being cryptic but I cannot go into much detail because it might put my podcast off the air. But all throughout this particular event—for a year and a half—never did my entire family accept the “offer”.

I will not go too much in detail because this is something that could potentially put my podcast off the air. But all throughout this particular event—for a year and a half—never did my entire family accept the offer.

Let’s just put it this way, while everyone else was accepting the “offer”, not once did we accept. I would just say, assume what you are assuming now with my cryptic message here.

Going back to the certified letter, I took the sender’s address and wrote back to them, “Thank you for letting me know about your offer. Would you consider halting any actions for 30 days while I investigate why this occurred? It will be paid in full within those 30 days if it is found that I indeed owe this debt.”

The thing you must realize when you get such offers is you can always counter-offer.

So, I sent that mail over the weekend and what do I get in response? “Hello, Mr. Soto! Yes, we will gladly accept that offer and we will reach out on the 9th of September.”

That is pretty cool. The old me would have just freaked out! While the new me simply counter offered. Why did that happen? How did I take the threat of lien in 10 days to a more desirable 30-day period?

Shifting Mindsets to a Higher Level 

Shifting Mindsets to a Higher Level

Everything in this world is an offer and everything is commerce. You might be thinking, “Why is Dean talking about this stuff on the Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast?”

It is important that people have their mindset shifted to a higher level and look at the world differently from what you see on the news, the movies, and from what you learn in school.

In my opinion, everything you learn in school is a waste of time. Everything that you watch on the news is, for the most part, a waste of time.

But going back to the topic today, everything in life is an offer. So, when they say, “You must do this thing in order to come into a hospital; in order to go into a business; in order to have these privileges. All of those things are offered.

When you have this mindset where everything around you is an offer, you do things differently. If they say that you must have a specific medical procedure to enter a place, that is an offer.

You may not believe me so I will share this experience when my child needed to go to the optometrist. And I was told that they had to do certain things that my family was not willing to do in order for my child to be seen by an optometrist.

Over the phone, I politely reminded my optometrist about the patients’ bill of rights in California. And I asked about specific portions about the patients’ bill of rights and how those apply to what they wanted me to do.


It took a little bit of doing things differently and a little bit of time. But ultimately, we got the VIP treatment. And it was awesome.

That happens all the time because we view everything in the world as an offer. So we counter-offered with going to the board of optometry as well as invoking some of the codes in California that pertain to our civil rights. Very quickly, they accepted our counter offer and they further countered our offer with something better.

Everything that you are getting right now is an offer—from the news you consume, to the things you get from school.

But, are you willing to accept those offers—of privileges, of comfort, etc… What are you willing to accept? Keep in mind, you can always counter-offer.

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And I know that this was a cryptic episode. But the more that you have established the mindset that no one can tell you what to do, the more freedom you will enjoy.

Take your business skills and apply them to everything that is going on right now. Do not hesitate to respond with a counter offer—unless you are willing, and unless you are okay with going with whatever offer they are giving you.
Alright, this is Dean Soto, founder of FreedomInFiveMinutes.com. And if you need a virtual systems architect, go ahead and visit ProSulum.com.


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