July 19

189 FIFM You Must Want to Change if You are Going to Change

For this episode, I will be talking about change. This topic has come about because of a special project I’m working on as this episode is recorded.

This special project, a loft bed, is actually a surprise for one of my daughters that I am working on right now while the whole family is away on a trip for a few days. And because of this little project, I had to make a mindset shift.

The funny thing is, this shift in mindset is something that I preach all the time at Pro Sulum — making this particular situation a little bit harder for me. The reason: I keep on forgetting stuff as I’m building things out.

Overview & Episode Content

  • A Tough Change Even for a Systemization Expert
  • There is Only so Much You can Do in a Day
  • Change of Plans
  • Making the Change so People can Rise Up to Support You

A Tough Change Even for a Systemization Expert

A Tough Change Even for a Systemization Expert

The original plan for this special project, while the whole family was away for a few days, was to divide my day in half.

During the day, I would work on my business. While at night, I would be working on the loft bed for my daughter’s surprise. I had everything planned out splendidly! But in order for me to pull off my plan, I needed some changes to happen.

Now, these changes were very uncomfortable even for me who preaches systemization. I would always preach about how a business owner should be able to walk away from the business. And the business should run without the business owner once all the systems are in place. That is exactly why we have Virtual Systems Architects.

Well, here’s the deal. When it all comes down to it, I personally feel guilty whenever I’m not working on my business because of the American culture. I feel compelled to keep doing things that actively grows my business!

And I felt this way because I saw that this loft bed project was going to take longer than anticipated. I’m not a builder at all. I’m like, “I don’t know if I’m going to finish this project on time.”

There is Only so Much You Can Do in a Day

There is Only so Much You Can Do in a Day

Now, the problem that developed was that the loft bed project was starting to run into my errands, business work, and into other things I had planned for Pro Sulum.

As a matter of fact, it is already getting dark right now as I am driving home. And when I get home, I have other errands to work on. I need to put the chickens away, put the dogs away, treat one rooster that has bumblefoot.

After that, my son would want to FaceTime me about Godzilla creatures. That is his thing these days — looking at all the different creatures in the Godzilla universe. And we just talk about Godzilla stuff on FaceTime.

It is only after I have done these things first that I can continue with the loft bed surprise for my daughter. I still have to build the railings on the bunk bed, install the little trimming around the doorway below, and clean up the room.

The truth is, I fear that I will not have that much time to finish up anything tomorrow before they arrive. During the week today, I saw all my tasks creeping up.

I asked myself, “What do I have to do differently if I want to get things done? What needs to change?”

A Change of Plans

A Change of Plans

The clock was ticking on me so I was forced to change my plans. I had to change what I was doing. If I did not — I might have gotten some business things done but I sure as heck would not get the loft bed project done for my daughter in time.

And so, my mindset had to change. I had to look at this as a blessing, “Hey, your family is out. You get to spend the entire week, blessing one of your children — and then later on, when I get more bunk beds, I’m going to be doing this for the others.”

I have built Pro Sulum where everybody is empowered to create and grow. Everything is already systemized.

So, I “Enjoy what you built in your business and enjoy the fact that you can do these projects for your family!”

It is time for a change in mindset. Just because you are not actively working on something does not mean that everything is going to fail, or that your business would not grow, or that you are doing something wrong. It is not true. And so, I had to change that mindset.

I had to say to myself, “You won’t screw it.” And for the past few days, I was 95% focused on this loft bed project. And what has been beautiful is that it has allowed other people to rise to the occasion.

Making the Change so People can Rise Up to Support You

Making the Change so People can Rise Up to Support You

I actually have two people, in particular, as examples of people in my life who are rising up.

One, is taking on a new role of client ambassador. And you know who I’m talking about. This person is creating a lot of content for me, you know who you are — you’re listening to this.

The other is someone who is just really really good at creative design. He is very good when it comes to content creation that we will be using to start getting on different podcasts.

Now, all of these progress in my business would not have happened in the same way had I not made the shift in mindset. These ideas came up as I was listening to resources and self-reflection in response to this loft bed project I was struggling with.

But why is this important? It is important because if you want to change it for the better, then you have to be willing to change.

We know people who have been stuck in their ways for literally decades. They do not want to grow and they do not want to change. And they are saying and doing the same things!

I know people who say, “I have this screenplay and we are going to get this screenplay out there. This will turn into a movie that everyone is going to love.”

And yet, they’ve been saying the same thing for 15 years! They don’t actually do it.


If you want to change, you have to be willing to change. You must want to change!

So where are you at, right now, in your life? Whether it’s in your business, in your family, or spirituality. What is one thing in your life that you needed to make a change?

What is that one thing that you know you can make a change but you’ve been hesitant to do? I challenge you right now to make that change.

It might be praying, it might be holding up morning huddles with your team. Whatever it might be, there are so many possibilities that can benefit you, as a business leader and as an entrepreneur, that are hard changes to make.

But I am telling you that the only way to progress is to be willing to make that change.

Resources and Links

This is Dean Soto. Check out FreedomInFiveMinutes.com and ProSulum.com. And I’ll catch you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes podcast episode.


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